Second Hike Over Gas

gasoline ust uste second raise
gasoline ust uste second raise

📩 05/05/2020 17:39

Energy Oil Gas Supply Stations Employers' Union (EPGİS) announced that a 5 kurus hike was made for the liter price of gasoline. The hike that will come on tonight will affect pump prices. Thus, gasoline will be raised twice in two days.

The liter price of the gasoline sold in Ankara on average from 5,40 lira will be 5,45 lira. The liter of gasoline will increase from 5,26 lira to 5,31 lira in Istanbul and from 5,43 lira to 5,48 lira in Izmir.

Yesterday Had Arrived

EPGİS announced that yesterday, there were 7 cents to gasoline, 16 cents to autogas and 25 cents to autogas.

Coronavirus epidemic all over the world with the impact of cheaper oil prices, gasoline and diesel prices even coming down to minus figures in the US, has created confusion ever made in Turkey. EPGİS argues that hikes are due to operating costs, not crude oil prices.

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