Comfort Comes to Izmit Gültepe Junction

comfort is coming to izmit gultepe junction
comfort is coming to izmit gultepe junction

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its works in order to make transportation more comfortable and uninterrupted, was paved by removing cube paving stones at the junction in front of the Orduevi on the Izmit Büyük Seka Tunnel last week. This time, the Department of Science Affairs teams started their activities at the Gültepe Junction on the western end of the tunnel for a similar study. Citizens traveling with a vehicle at the Gültepe Crossroad will be removed and the asphalt will be laid instead.


After the junction in front of Izmit Orduevi became asphalt and became more comfortable, the Metropolitan teams started their work at the Gültepe Junction on the other end of the tunnel. The teams, which remove the cubic stone parquet at the junction, will carry out the asphalt paving work as soon as possible. At the crossroads in front of Orduevi, the works were completed in a short time.


The work of the Metropolitan Municipality teams started at the Gültepe Crossroad, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın announced with the video he published on social media. In the sharing of President Büyükakın, “I feel as if I heard the people who said“ My President Orduevi has a nice asphalt, but what will happen to Gültepe Interchange ”. We started there now ”.

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