Minister Varank: 'An Innovative Kit Has Been Developed for Early Detection of Covid-19'

An innovative kit has been developed for the early detection of the minister covid min.
An innovative kit has been developed for the early detection of the minister covid min.

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank pointed out that an innovative kit, which is alternative to PCR method for early detection of Covid-19, was developed, and it was aimed to obtain results in 30 minutes before the disease symptoms appeared. Explaining that the prototype is aimed to be completed in June, Varank said, “We are strong in diagnosis, now it is time to be a pioneer.” used the expression.

In the field of medicine in the fight against Covid-19; Varank noted that there are 9 different projects focusing on both chemistry and biotechnology. In all these efforts, we also benefit from the energy of young people. ” said.

Varank Minister of our country regarding the ability of diagnostic kits and diagnostic system is shared, Turkey's Diagnostic Power Platform organized by the Covidien-19 Turkey joined the Virtual Conference. Speaking at the conference where topics such as kits to be produced with fast, precise and high sensitivity innovative technology, portable laboratory, hybrid and thermal cameras, microfluid chip method and artificial intelligence-based applications, Minister Varank said:

MOBILITY SPIRIT: (Combat with Covid-19) As we entered 2020, I guess nobody would have thought that we would be faced with such a scene. We are experiencing a disaster that affects the whole world at the same time, and does not distinguish between developed and poor countries. Even if we don't get sick; We are exposed to the economic, social and psychological effects of the virus. We believe that we have passed a successful exam in such a troubled environment. As the ministry, we have focused on mobilizing the spirit of mobilization in the industry and technology ecosystem.

FIGHT AGAINST COVID-19: In the fight against COVID-19, we follow a science and technology based approach. TÜBİTAK and its institutes work day and night. We have a very dynamic, exciting and result-oriented team. We started our work in vaccine and drug development before the virus entered our country's borders.

VACCINE STUDIES: We came together with the most competent academics in our country, we drew our road map together. At the point we have reached today, 17 projects are continuing successfully. We have 8 vaccine projects among them; We anticipate the completion of preclinical processes at the end of the year. However; In some vaccine projects, we can also get earlier results. We are at the stage of animal experiments in one of the projects; We will start these experiments in the other two projects soon.

PHARMACEUTICAL PROJECTS: In the field of medicine; We have 9 different projects focusing on both chemical and bio-technology. In June, we will have an important good news in the field of synthesis with domestic resources in one of the pharmaceutical projects. In these efforts, we also benefit from the energy of young people.

MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS OF THE DISEASE: Another issue as important as vaccination and medication is the level of sophistication in medical diagnosis of the disease. We named the conference specifically as the Diagnostic Power, because there is a developed capacity in this field in our country. The private sector has developed many innovative products in the field of health technology to date. It not only develops these products, but also exports them. Of course, TÜBİTAK supports have a great role in the courage of the private sector in R&D and innovation.

TUBITAK SUPPORT: The first steps of many innovative products such as medical diagnostic kits, biotechnological drugs, intensive care devices, informatics applications focused on diagnosis and diagnosis have been taken with the support of TÜBİTAK. For the preclinical researches, we have transferred 5 billion lira to nearly 3 thousand projects in the last 2,3 years. In the same period; We supported 402 projects worth 516 million lira in the field of medical devices, including diagnostic kits.

MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS KITS: Medical diagnostic kits are one of the important technologies that contribute to this process. The better you are in diagnosis, the greater your effectiveness in treatment. Moving from here; In addition to the current support of TÜBİTAK, we made a quick call for COVID-19 and demanded product-oriented projects from SMEs. We received 1 applications in a week. This interest that we encountered showed us the power of our SMEs again. After the evaluation process; We have decided to support 446 projects in areas such as intensive care devices, diagnostic kits, advanced solutions for early detection and follow-up stages, and smart health. In the field of diagnosis, we support 35 projects under this call.

WE ARE STRONG IN DIAGNOSIS: An alternative to the PCR method is being developed for the detection of COVID-19 at an early stage. With this kit, it is aimed to get results in 19 minutes before the symptoms of the disease appear during the incubation period of COVID-30. Instead of biochemical reactions, it contains a nanomechanical system based on weighing the weight of the virus. We will listen to this innovative approach that is unique in the world for the first time here. The prototype is scheduled to be completed in June. Therefore, a kit that can be an example to the world is being developed in this project. We say 'We are strong in diagnosis, now is the time to be a pioneer'.

TWO NEW CALLS: I would like to announce two new calls that concern our companies and ecosystem stakeholders. The first is the SME Support Call for Order-Based R&D Projects. Here we expect at least 1 supplier organization at SME scale and one Customer Organization (can be a large company) to apply jointly. We do not have any subject and sector limitations. While SMEs develop the product according to R&D studies; The Customer Organization will also support the execution of the R&D project as intended. Thus; information will be shared, disseminated and quickly transformed into a product. In projects focusing on R&D, the co-development mechanism will accelerate.

TRANSFER OF PATENTED TECHNOLOGIES TO INDUSTRY: Our second call is to Support Patent-Based Technology Transfer. You know; There are patented technologies developed in universities, research infrastructures and technopark companies. Our call aims to transfer patented technologies to the industry. Interactions between technology producing organizations and their customers will increase; service purchases will be supported. Technologies protected by national or international patents will create economic value through licensing or transfer. We will start receiving applications for both calls tomorrow.

COOPERATION PROTOCOL BETWEEN TUBITAK AND DMO: A cooperation protocol has been signed between TÜBİTAK and the State Materials Office. If you developed a product using TEYDEP R&D incentives; this product will be directly included in DMO's Techno Catholog Platform. Thus, you will be able to sell your product to the public easily. In this system, where you can receive orders up to 500 thousand lira at a time, your payments will be made within 10 days. The R&D support you received from TÜBİTAK will also open the doors of selling goods to the public and scaling your business.

TÜBİTAK President Hasan Mandal, in his speech at the conference, Turkey Covidien-19 Platform covered in previous meetings of the relevant vaccines and medicines that shared work recalled, "We are currently progressing successfully to 17 projects. Vaccines and diagnostics in addition to the drug-making process in Turkey a very strong way, also exported to overseas countries where the potential diagnostic systems had been demanding a special virtual conference. In the last period, 10 of our companies received support from us to realize their new projects on diagnostic systems. ” he spoke.


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