New Roads Are Being Made For The Use Of Bicycles That Will Increase After Pandemic In Izmir

New roads are being built for the use of bicycles that will increase after the pandemic in Izmir.
New roads are being built for the use of bicycles that will increase after the pandemic in Izmir.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer is speeding up the bicycle road activities against the traffic density that is expected to increase with the normalization process. Soyer, who travels the routes with his bike to examine the projects on site, said: “After the spread of the epidemic, the publication rate is expected to be less used. For this reason, we have started building new bicycle paths in many arteries in the city to encourage life on two wheels. ”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is accelerating bicycle road projects against traffic density based on the prediction of reduced public transportation use in the normalization process. Metropolitan Municipality, which started the projects of "shared bike paths" and "bicycle lanes" that can be put into practice faster along with "separated bike paths", aims to reduce the traffic density by increasing bicycle transportation opportunities. Accordingly, 50 kilometers of Bicycle Lane, 40 kilometers of Shared Bicycle Roads and 25 kilometers of Separated Bicycle Roads will be built on the approximately 14 kilometers route where the speed limit is below 1.5 kilometers in the main arteries of the city. The rightmost lane of the three-lane roads will be turned into a Bicycle Lane that is open only to bike users. For routes with two lanes in the direction of departure or one round trip, the right-most lane will be the Shared Bicycle Trail.

They went by bicycle

Mayor Tunç Soyer, who traveled on routes with his bike to examine the projects on site, was accompanied by Cyclists and Pedestrian Transportation Chiefs of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department. In the tour, Şehit Nevres, Vasıf Çınar and Plevne boulevards were examined. On the Talatpaşa Boulevard, the “Raised Pedestrian Crossing Project” was also presented to President Soyer, where the existing crosswalk was redesigned with Izmir motifs and made more defined and suitable for pedestrian access. Then, it was moved to Manas Boulevard, Captain İbrahim Hakkı Street and Sakarya Street.

“We started the construction of the new bicycle roads”

After the review, Soyer said, “One of the results waiting for us after the spread of the epidemic has decreased is the less use of public transportation. We think that there will be another perception regarding public transportation in our citizens and they will not prefer it as much as possible. This is the whole world. As the spread of the virus decreases, there is a downward trend in public transportation. For this reason, we think that bicycle and pedestrian transportation should be emphasized more against the increased traffic density due to the use of private vehicles. This means not only getting away from the pollution and noise created by motor vehicles but also a more economical and healthier means of transportation. Our word about the post-pandemic is that our people should live more on two wheels and prefer bicycles. That's why we started building new bike paths in many arteries in the city. We want to carry our citizens everywhere they want to reach by safe bicycle routes. ”

Where will the project be implemented?

Bicycle lane application KarşıyakaBoulevard in Istanbul, Gün Sazak Boulevard, Gazi Boulevard in Konak, Bayraklıwill be put into operation in Manas Boulevard. Bayraklı For the bicycle lane project in Captain İbrahim Hakkı Street, crossroads are expected to be completed. There will be a Shared Bicycle Road application on the connection between Cumhuriyet Square and Alsancak Train Station in Konak, on Pleven Boulevard, on the Buca-Konak axis, between Şirinyer and Basmane Station, on Balçova, İnciraltı Avenue, on the Balçova-Narlıdere axis, on Haydar Aliyev Street and Gürler Street. . Karşıyaka Separated Bicycle Road and Bicycle Lane will be used in Aziz Nesin Boulevard. BayraklıOn the line of Bornova, there will be a Bicycle Lane and a Shared Bicycle Road at the connection of Manas Boulevard and Küçükpark. All applications will be made in accordance with the bicycle routes regulation dated 12 December 2019 issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

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