Nearly 125 thousand invoices were suspended in ten days

In ten days, nearly a thousand bills were removed from love.
In ten days, nearly a thousand bills were removed from love.

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu The “Invoice in Flux” application, which was started by the company to support people whose incomes decreased or disappeared during the pandemic process, brings together the needy and philanthropists, and those who give do not see the hand. Within ten days of the implementation, the natural gas and water bills of more than 124 thousand people in need were paid. The amount taken from the hanger exceeded 15 million 685 thousand Turkish Liras. Ankara, Izmir and Aydın Metropolitan Municipalities and Izmit Municipality also participated in the application initiated by IMM.

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluThe number of invoices paid in the “Pending Invoice” application, which was introduced on May 4 to improve solidarity with those who had a difficult time and made demands, reached 124 thousand 636. New bills are added every minute to the bills, which total 15 million 685 thousand Turkish Liras. In the application, which is approved by IMM and covers families and people determined to be in need, the usage fees of İSKİ and İGDAŞ subscribers can be paid.


The work that the IMM initiated for Istanbul residents, who were affected by the economic picture, which became even more severe due to the global pandemic, started to be implemented by the municipalities where millions of people live or steps were taken in this direction. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Aydın Metropolitan Municipality and Izmit Municipality also participated in the application, which started in Ramadan, where the best examples of solidarity and solidarity are exhibited.


Those who want to reduce their burdens on difficult days by providing invoice support to those who have difficulty in payment, by reaching 153 İBB White Table or  You can contribute by visiting the website. Contribution can be made by selecting the invoice that is left to the “Suspended Invoice” portal and to pay the amount that does not have a subscriber name. Thus, a solidarity is developed in which the giving hand does not see the hand and the families in need are relieved to some extent.


Only those who have been approved by the IMM for social assistance can leave the bill. Those who have not requested social assistance before  He can initiate this process by making a request at. IMM concludes social aid reviews very quickly and approves those in need. The invoices to be suspended must belong to those who are approved as in need.

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