19 May 101 of Atatürk Commemoration, Youth and Sports Day. Happy Anniversary

Happy anniversary of May Ataturku Commemoration Youth and Sports Day
Happy anniversary of May Ataturku Commemoration Youth and Sports Day

Turkish nation's liberation, independence and the founding of the Republic of Turkey for 101 years before May 19, 1919, our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, launched the War of Independence in Samsun. As the Turkish Nation, we celebrate the 101st Year of the first step in the magnificent victory gained in order to have an independent and free homeland, and on May 19, Atatürk as Youth and Sports Day, with great excitement and pride.

After our War of Independence established the target level of contemporary civilizations spirit of this day is a gift to our young people who will move to Turkey and the meaning of our future, but also a historical responsibility and mission brings with him. Our homeland is carried to future generations on the shoulders of a hardworking and innovative youth by putting the sport, morality, contemporary sciences, responsibility of citizenship, love of the nation and homeland at the center of its life.

From the War of Independence to today, we commemorate the spirit of our martyrs who have shown their greatest sacrifice by giving their lives to the attacks coming from inside and outside for the country, especially Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and offer our gratitude to our veterans.

Rayhaber Dear readers of the family, Happy 19st Year of the 101 May Commemoration of Atatürk and Youth and Sports Day of our citizens in our country and in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

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