A400M Strategic Transport Aircraft Delivery from Airbus

airbustan am atlas strategic transport plane delivery
airbustan am atlas strategic transport plane delivery

European-based aviation giant Airbus delivered the 400th aircraft to the French Air Force (Armée de l'Air) as part of the A17M ATLAS Strategic Transport Aircraft Project.

"The A400M has demonstrated its versatility by participating in air operations to ensure the transfer of patients affected by COVID-19 and the supply of essential living supplies to France," said French Defense Minister Florence Parly, who made a statement on the social media account. It is an indispensable tool for our freedom of movement. ” gave expressions.

Parly stated that the number of A400M ATLAS of the French Air Force will increase to 2025 by 25.

ATLAS project, the A400M strategic transport aircraft program started in 1985, while Turkey's accession was held in 1988. Projects in Germany, Belgium, France, England, Spain and Turkey are participating. Apart from the program, Luxembourg and Malaysia also have 1 + 4 aircraft orders. Within the scope of the project, it is planned to supply 10 A400M ATLAS for the Turkish Air Force Command.

With the introduction of the A400M ATLAS aircraft into the inventory, heavier or more bulky materials can be transported in one go, as well as weapons systems and vehicles that previously could not be transported from one place to another. With the A400M ATLAS strategic transport aircraft, the carrying capacity of the Air Force Command in terms of speed, range and weight has doubled. With its many new capabilities, the A400M ensures that the Turkish Armed Forces have the ability to operate anywhere in the world.

The number of A40MM delivered to the Turkish Air Force has increased to 2019 as of 9. The planes, called “Koca Yusuf” by the Turkish Air Force, were deployed to Kayseri 12th Air Transport Command.

Turkish Aviation and Space Industry produces A400M aircraft front midframe, rear fuselage upper part, paratrooper doors, emergency exit door, rear upper escape cover, tail cone, fins and speed brakes sections.

Source: Defense Industry

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