Digital Cooperation for SMEs from the Ministry of Commerce, TOBB and Facebook

ministry of commerce digital cooperation for tobb and facebook SMEs
ministry of commerce digital cooperation for tobb and facebook SMEs

According to a statement from the Ministry of Commerce, Facebook's first community center in Turkey "Facebook Station" in the portal can be accessed through the web site address, Kovid-19 who are experiencing a number of challenges due to the pandemic Turkish firms to advice to help overcome this process easier, digital training, programs and resources are included.

In addition to the support provided by the Ministry to the companies, videos where the services of the Ministry of Commerce are introduced with the expression of the experts are also shared on the portal.

of TOBB and the services they provide to SMEs Facebook in Turkey in the forum to introduce "Get Featured by Facebook", "Across SMEs" and women entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses, "She Means Business" programs such as on-line for SMEs There are trainings.

In the portal where there will be programs for SMEs in the first stage, trainings for tradesmen will be given in the second stage.

“We are in constant communication with SMEs, Tradesmen and Sectors”

Commenting on the collaboration in question, Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan pointed out that the world-threatening epidemic of Kovid-19 also caused changes in some consumption and habits, and this change provided time to use social media and online platforms more.

Indicating that citizens carry out various training activities such as “Export Academy” and “Virtual Trade Academy” through digital media, Pekcan said that they provide information about the services of the Ministry in the fastest and easiest way.

“In this context, we also cooperated with Facebook. We endeavor to digitize all the works and processes related to our Ministry and all our services. We endeavor to provide our services to our SMEs, tradesmen, exporters, tradesmen and citizens to the maximum extent with the benefits of digitalization. We wanted to remind you that we were with you on difficult days by calling out from this platform. ”

Pekcan also mentioned that they talk about the services and supports of the Ministry with short films, animations and videos within the scope of cooperation with Facebook, “You can get information about the services of our Ministry by watching them. There will also be works for our tradesmen on this portal soon. In these difficult days, we continue to work with all my friends to serve you in your homes. ” used expressions.

Underlining that they are constantly in contact with SMEs, tradesmen and sectors, and listen to their problems and solution suggestions, Pekcan said, “We are always with our SMEs, tradesmen and exporters and we are ready to provide all kinds of support. We fully believe that we will overcome these difficult days by getting stronger together. ” found the assessment.

“Communicate Your Problems Through Chambers and Commodity Exchanges”

TOBB President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu emphasized that the process has been dynamic since the first day of the epidemic, focusing on identifying the demands and problems of entrepreneurs and producing solutions, and in this context, demands and troubles should be conveyed to TOBB through chambers and exchanges.

Stating that there is no room for pessimism in this process, Hisarcıklıoğlu said: “Never feel alone. We are here. We are at the beginning of our duty for you. Communication is very important. We have to act fast. Communicate your problems to us. Transfer the troubles so that we can forward it to our government and seek solutions. The entrepreneur never gives up, does not stop, does not fall. I believe that this problem will pass. I trust you. ”

“We are Happy to Support Our SMEs”

Facebook Turkey the Public Policy Department of the President Jagatai is Pekyör with the continuing effects throughout the world of Kovid-19 outbreak of SMEs said they witnessed was one of the most affected parties in this process, he found the following assessments:

"We also continue to hold open its doors on behalf of SMEs operating in Turkey as Facebook, we are happy to support them. As a technology company that offers important facilities to businesses that want to continue to connect with their customers over the internet during the epidemic period, we are working hard to do our best for SMEs in our country to get through this process in the easiest way. I believe that the Department of Commerce and we have implemented together with TOBB SME support our educational programs inside page located online and through our source of our SMEs in Turkey unexpected difficulties encountered in this difficult period, we will help to minimize. "

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