Istanbulkart Opportunity for Healthcare Professionals

istanbulkart opportunity for healthcare professionals
istanbulkart opportunity for healthcare professionals

IMM had made public transportation and ISPARK car parks free of charge to healthcare workers who provided vital services in the fight against coronavirus on March 19. Now, it is being used with Istanbulkart for employees who do not have corporate identity like pharmacists to benefit from this application. After the application made over the internet, the card is delivered to the address.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) is spreading the right to free transportation and free parking, which it grants to healthcare workers who struggle with the Covit - 19 outbreak, day and night with Istanbulkart.

Following the President's Decision, which came into force after it was published in the Official Gazette on 24 March, cooperation was made with the Ministry of Health on this issue.

Healthcare professionals can purchase an Istanbul card for free use. The application of BELBİM AŞ, a subsidiary of IMM, can apply via the website.

The information is instantly verified online through the Ministry's data and no other document is requested from the applicant. Istanbulkart is delivered to the desired address by cargo within a few days.

On the other hand, until the IMM Assembly makes a decision regarding the free use application, healthcare workers can continue to get on public transport by showing their corporate identity.

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