Do Metro and Ferry Work in the Weekend in Istanbul?

Do metro and ferries work at Istanbul weekend?
Do metro and ferries work at Istanbul weekend?

This weekend, when the curfew will be implemented, IMM will continue to serve Istanbul with its 17 thousand personnel. Bus, metro and ferry services will be held in the morning and evening. Halk Ekmek and Hamidiye will meet the bread and water needs of Istanbulites. Maintenance work and projects will continue throughout the city. The police will also be on duty with Hızır Emergency and 153 Call Centers.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) will support Istanbul residents with many services in the curfew, which will be implemented on Saturday, April 18 and Sunday, as part of the coronavirus measures.

İBB, which will continue to provide services to Istanbul with its 17 thousand personnel at the weekend, will continue its services in the morning and evening hours in public transportation for healthcare workers and compulsory personnel.

IETT; Between 07: 00-10: 00 in the morning and between 17: 00-20: 00 in the evening, there will be 445 even 4, 636 buses. On the Metrobus line, 06 voyages will be held between 00:10 and 00:16 in the morning and between 00:20 and 00:240 in the evening.


On the other hand, İBB contacted 238 hospitals in Istanbul and asked if there were any shuttle bus requests for weekend staff. 110 hospitals stated that there was no demand for allocation. There were no positive or negative returns from 21 hospitals. 41 hospitals requested vehicles. The answer was to be made from 66 hospitals and returned. In this context, IMM will meet the bus needs of every hospital that requests. Timetable  You can learn from.


IMM will also organize weekend rail and ferry services for the comfortable implementation of the no-distance rule in public transportation. M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, T1 and T4 lines run by METRO AŞ, the subways will operate at half an hour intervals of 2-7 and 10-17 hours during the 20-day curfew.

The M6 ​​Etiler-Hisarüstü Metro Line will not work during the curfew, and will start again on Monday, April 20. Pierloti and Maslak cable car lines and T3 Moda Nostalgic Tram and F1 Taksim Kabataş The funicular was stopped by the decision taken within the scope of the outbreak measures.

ŞEHİR HATLARI AŞ in Üsküdar-Karaköy-Eminönü, Kadıköy-Karaköy Eminonu, KadıköyBesiktas, Kabataş-Islands, Bostancı-Adalar, Sarıyer-R. Poplar-A. Kavağı will serve on 7 lines, namely İstinye-Çubuklu, between 07.00-10.00 and 17.00-20.00. Islands lines will continue according to need. Timetable at sea, can be learned at.


Over the weekend, İBB subsidiary HALK EKMEK AŞ will continue to produce full capacity and will continue to sell bread at its 535 kiosks across Istanbul.

While HAMİDİYE AŞ continues to produce demijohn and pet bottled water, it will meet the water needs of citizens with its 200 dealers.


IMM “We Will Succeed Together” teams will continue to distribute aid packages. İSTAÇ will wash the city squares and metrobus stops while removing the waste. İBB Firefighting, Police, and Hızır Emergency services will continue. İBB Science Works Department will continue field maintenance and project works. İBB White Desk 153 Call Center and call centers of İSKİ and İGDAŞ will also try to resolve the demands of our citizens with full capacity.

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