Construction of Atatürk Airport and Sancaktepe Hospitals Continues

Ataturk airport and sancaktepe hospitals have come to an end
Ataturk airport and sancaktepe hospitals have come to an end

The construction of two 1008-bed hospitals at Atatürk Airport and Sancaktepe in Istanbul continues uninterruptedly. The historical Hadımköy Military Hospital, which is under restoration, is expected to open before May 24, on the XNUMXth of May.

Two new hospitals are being built on both sides of Istanbul, which are planned to be used as epidemic, earthquake and disaster hospitals. The construction process of the hospitals, which are under construction at Atatürk Airport and Sancaktepe, started on April 9.

In the construction of the hospital, which is built on an area of ​​184 thousand square meters at Atatürk Airport, 3 thousand people work in 4 shifts. Coming to the end of the construction, the hospital began to emerge.

The construction work of the pandemic hospital, which was built in Sancaktepe, continues on the 24th day. Approximately 4 thousand workers, hundreds of construction machines work day and night to open the hospital as soon as possible.

Patient Rooms Can Be Converted Into Intensive Care When Necessary

Both hospitals have a capacity of 8 beds. Hospitals established on a total area of ​​184 thousand square meters will have a closed area of ​​70 thousand square meters. Patient rooms can be converted to intensive care when necessary.

The two hospitals, which will come into service on May 24, will have a fully equipped hospital infrastructure with operating rooms, MR, triage rooms, laboratories, angio and ultrasound units.

The Restoration of Hadımköy Military Hospital Continues

The address of another epidemic hospital to be brought to Istanbul is Arnavutköy. The restoration of the historical Hadımköy Military Hospital, built by Sultan Abdulhamit 2, continues. The historical hospital, where 50% of the restoration works are completed, will start serving before the Eid al-Fitr. (Source: TRT)

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