İzmir Metropolitan's Iftar Table and Maskematic Application in International Press

Izmir ifuksehir's iftar table and maskematic application in the international press
Izmir ifuksehir's iftar table and maskematic application in the international press

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality took its place in the Spanish press with Iftar Table and on the website of the European Cities Union with the Maskematic application.

The services of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic that threatened the world made a sound. The Municipality's Iftar Table was published in the Spanish press, and the Maskematic application took its place on the website of the European Cities Association.

Iftar Table in Spanish Press

Spain's leading news agency EFE their subscribers, with Ilya U. Topper y nature Tılıç signature "Turkey is preparing for Ramadan without a limited cultural and social activities," he titled a news service. In the article, the “Iftar Table” application of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was explained and “We developed a technological iftar of the Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer. Municipality (I www.bizizmir.co), 20 TL (about 3 euro) can be donated with a single click from the website, and we can complete this amount from the Municipality and send a two-person iftar meal to a house that should be supported by the Municipality on behalf of the donor ”. The news appeared on the websites of leading news organizations such as La Vanguardia and Puplico.

Izmir Metropolitan Maskematics is at EUROCITIES

The website of the European Cities Association (EUROCITIES) also included the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with the Maskematics application launched last week. The European Cities Association shares sample practices in Europe on the "Covid News" page.

What is Iftar Table?

During the month of Ramadan, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will distribute 10 thousand iftar meals per day. Citizens from Izmir will also be able to support the campaign by purchasing as much as they want from a two-person iftar dinner package with 20 lira each, on the Bizİzmir digital platform. Iftar meal packages purchased, in the districts where the support is deemed appropriate, Grand Plaza Gıda Turizm A.Ş. will be delivered to the houses by their team. The iftar package includes tarhana soup, Urla roasting, bulgur, rice pilaf or pasta that will change daily, and iftory and two breads with dates, black-green olives, honey and jam.

What is Maskematic?

Metropolitan Municipality placed Maskematics in metro stations to facilitate citizens' access to medical mask when it became necessary to use masks in public spaces due to the coronavirus outbreak. After the Metro passengers pay the price of the trip with İzmirim card, they can get the hygienic package by showing their İzmirim cards to the Maskematic machines inside. In this transaction, there is no fee from İzmirim Card. The package contains 5 masks or 4 masks of 100 milliliters of disinfectant.

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