izmirde Karşıyaka Hundreds of Trees Felled for Tram Line

izmirde Karşıyaka Hundreds of trees have been cut for the tram line: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Karşıyaka On a part of the tram, the project changed to make traffic flow more easily and cut hundreds of trees at dusk.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Karşıyaka part of the tram to make the traffic flow more easily changed the project. In this context, the tram line, which was planned to be protected in the middle median on Cahar Dudayev Boulevard in its project, caused hundreds of trees to be cut.


İzmir Metropolitan Municipality KarşıyakaChanging the project for the construction of the tram planned to be built in Istanbul caused hundreds of trees to be cut.


Hundreds of trees on Cahar Dudayev Boulevard were cut due to the passing of the tram line. After the intervention of the citizens in the vicinity, the cutting of trees started cutting late at night was terminated.


The change in the project, which caused hundreds of trees to be cut, was said to be due to the commercial housing density and vehicle traffic in the region.

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