Resource Found T2 Tram Project Starts From Where It Stayed

source found t tram project starts from where it left off
source found t tram project starts from where it left off

T2 Tram Line…

10 km line with 8 stations.

Total cost 133 million pounds.

The foundation was laid in November 2015 but the contractor company could not complete the construction due to the increase in the exchange rate.

To date, about the project 82 percent part is completed.

There is an important development regarding the project, which led to the criticism of the opposition and returned to the story of the snake.

I saw the news the day before Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş He gave.


"What about the president, this is T2?"By asking, smiling a little, “I'm looking for resources like crazy. Ministry, outsourcing, banks…"

So the result?

"We got a result. We found 30 million Euros of funding. There is no obstacle to the completion of the project. We are going out for a new tender within 1 month at the latest. Within a year, maybe at the end of 1, Bursa residents will have a new tram line."

President Aktaş also said, The contractor, who left the project halfway, also informed that they have completed the liquidation process.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, On the Istanbul Road The foundation of the T2 Tram Line was laid about 5 years ago, but many years passed, but the investment could not be completed due to economic reasons.

Although Aktaş considered the cancellation of the project in the first days he took office, he gave up this idea that a serious resource would be wasted.

Year 2020 X

The project starts from where it left off.

In the statement of President Aktaş, an 1 km tram line will be put into service within 8 year at the latest. (Mustafa Ozdal / Olay)

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