AS-TA-MA started to be used on the capital roads

ace started to be used on the capital roads
ace started to be used on the capital roads

📩 09/03/2020 10:55

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs started to use the Asphalt Repair Machine, which is self-produced and named AS-TA-MA, on the roads of the capital. AS-TA-MA repairs the defects occurring in asphalt in a short time, entering places where large machines cannot enter, attracting attention with its environmental and economic features.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has broken a new ground.

Metropolitan Municipality, which adds a new one to the applications that produce and save, made its own asphalt repair machine.


The asphalt machine AS-TA-MA, which was produced by the R&D team of the Science Affairs Department in collaboration with a private company in OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone and using domestic facilities, started to be used on the streets of Başkent.

AS-TA-MA, which repairs cracks and defects occurring in asphalt for various reasons in a short time and enters places where large machines cannot enter, draws attention with its economical and environmental feature.


The technology, which is widely used in America and Russia, is for the first time repairing asphalt on the streets and streets of Başkent.

The asphalt repair machine developed by the R&D team of the Department of Science Affairs has the feature of being used in all seasonal conditions, including rainy weather. Working on the principle of reusing existing asphalt, AS-TA-MA quickly and practically reshapes the asphalt floor by heating it.

While AS-TA-MA can operate for 30 hours with an industrial type one-liter tube, the road can be opened to traffic in a short time after the repair process.


With the classic method, asphalt repairs performed by 13 personnel within 6 minutes with 33 different vehicles can be done in only 3 personnel and 23 minutes with AS-TA-MA.

The machine, which was designed as a double engine in the first place, will be produced with a single engine design in the next stage. With the new design, while the 23-minute asphalt repair period is planned to decrease to 8-10 minutes, after the mass production, all the chiefs affiliated to Science Affairs will be given from these machines.

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