Giant Transportation Projects to Samsun

samsuna giant transportation projects
samsuna giant transportation projects

AK Party Samsun Province President Ersan Aksu said, “When the projects to be carried to Samsun are completed, they will contribute to our city, which is a logistics center, in terms of agriculture, industry, trade and tourism.

AK Party Samsun Provincial President Ersan Aksu evaluated the visit of the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan to Samsun. "When the projects to be made in transportation to Samsun are completed, Aksu will contribute to our city, which is a logistics center, in terms of agriculture, industry, trade and tourism," said Aksu.

Stating that they made an effort to further develop Samsun together with Deputy Chairman and Deputy Çiğdem Karaaslan, Deputies Ahmet Demircan, Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, Fuat Köktaş, Orhan Kırcalı and Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir, Aksu said, “The transportation we met in Ankara last week and we invited our Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan to Samsun. A few days after this meeting, Mr. Our minister came to Samsun and examined the works on site, he gave good news to our fellow citizens. ”


Evaluating the visit of Minister Turhan to Samsun, President Aksu said, “Samsun, which is an important center in terms of agriculture, industry, trade and tourism, has a separate strategic importance with its feature of being the only city in our region that includes road, airline, seaway and railway transportation. For this reason, studies are continuing rapidly in order to realize the investments that will bring the transportation infrastructure to a much better level. Regarding the latest situation of Çarşamba-Ayvacık Highway, Mr. We informed our minister and shared that the road should be completed as soon as possible. Because this road is important in terms of transportation of Tekstilkent Project, Sugar Factory, OIZ and our citizens on Wednesday. Sec. After visiting the region, our minister gave instructions to start the work on the section after the sugar factory of Wednesday-Ayvacık Highway and complete it as soon as possible. ” said.

Expressing that there are many projects under construction and planned for transportation in Samsun, Aksu said, “Kirazlık Mevkii Side Road Line, superstructure improvement works of Samsun-Bafra road, Kavak-Asarcık road works, Ladik-Taşova road construction and improvement works, Havza Organize There are huge investments in transportation in our city such as Industrial Zone overpass and railway connection, divided road project between Havza-Vezirköprü, highway project between Ankara and Samsun, Bafra-Ünye highway project, Gelemen Logistics Center railway line, International Çarşamba Airport building. Many of these investments are still under construction. Some of them are in the project and some of them are at the tender stage. ” Stating that he is, he continued his explanation as follows:


“The project tender for the highway, which is planned to pass through the south of Samsun, between Bafra and Ünye as an important transportation project. When this project is implemented, vehicle density in the east and west axes in Samsun will disappear.


Vezirköprü-Havza road construction tender will be held in April. In addition, the work will begin on crossing the Çakıralan junction and the Havza State Hospital junction on the junction.


The Ankara-Samsun High Speed ​​Train project, whose good news was given earlier, is planned to be completed and tender by the end of this year. Samsun will take on a different identity with its high-speed train project. When the project is implemented, we will both integrate Samsun Port and Mersin Port with rail connections, and our citizens will be able to travel from Samsun to Ankara within 2 hours. ”


The final stage has been reached to re-open the Samsun-Sivas railway line, which has been modernized for the first time since its construction. Connecting Samsun Port to the Central Anatolia Region, this line will continue to play an important role in terms of both cargo and passenger transportation. Samsun, which is a logistics base, is a gateway of Anatolia to the world with its port. When the projects are completed, it will make a great contribution to our city, which is a logistics center, in the fields of agriculture, industry, trade and tourism, and thus in terms of employment. Giving the good news about the rapid completion of the investments, Mr. I would like to thank our minister on behalf of Samsun city for their support. ”

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