Samsun was also in demand for domestic cars

Minister of Health, Dr. Under the chairmanship of Ahmet Demircan, the 'Samsun Investments Evaluation' meeting was held in the State Hydraulic Works 7th Regional Directorate Meeting Hall with the participation of the Governor Osman Kaymak and the regional and provincial directors of the provincial investor organizations.

In his speech, Governor Mr. Osman Kaymak, who made the opening speech of the 'Samsun Investments Evaluation' meeting, said, “To hold a very important meeting for Samsun, our Minister of Health, Dr. We gathered under the chairmanship of Ahmet Demircan. Together, we will get together with the investor organizations of the province and work to coordinate investments. Our Minister of Health, Dr. In line with the directives of Ahmet Demircan, we invited public investor institutions and organizations in Samsun. Here, presentations will be made on the subjects of our institution and organization officials. Then, we will review the investments with our Minister and Deputies.

Our aim is to make the best use of public services in Samsun. If there are any issues to be followed in Ankara, we would like to mobilize them for the beautiful and developed Samsun with the support of these by transferring these to our Minister and our Deputies. 2018 year 1 billion 255 million TL. In total, we have an 687 project. Toplam

The Minister of Health made a short speech before the meeting. In his speech, Ahmet Demircan said, m We will review our investments and targets with the meeting. We will review the investments with our deputies who follow all the investments made so far and we will make decisions for our Samsım whatever is needed. Bugün

Later, Governor Osman Kaymak carried out a brief about the development, economy and investments of the province. After the meeting of the Governor, the meeting continued with the presentations of the regional and provincial directors of the investor organizations of the province.

Minister of Health made a statement at the end of the meeting. Ahmet Demircan, toplantı Today we had this meeting to talk about Samsun. Turkey's Samsun is a fantastically beautiful and has great potential supremely province. A province that contributes to the economy of the country from agriculture to industry, from trade to tourism in every field. For this reason, every investment and future investors will benefit from Samsun and benefit from Samsun. An investment in Samsun turns back as more than ten.

I want to share some problems related to Samsun. The first of these problems is Samsun's ring road problem. Samsun needs a serious transportation structure. A highway coming from the south from the east direction of Samsun should go around Samsun as a ring road and join the east of Samsun, that is, the Black Sea coastal road. We will start these studies at the beginning of next September. Likewise, Ankara-Samsun high-speed train project works continue in two parts. As soon as the project is finished, the high-speed train will reach Samsun. On the other hand, Samsun also needs a western ring road for road transportation. On the other hand, we have a university in our city, but another state university is an expected situation in Samsun. Hopefully, these studies will be clarified with the visit of our President to our city in the coming days. kazanwill do.” said.

Minister of Health made a statement about domestic car discussions. Ahmet Demircan, tal As for the domestic automobile industry, we are the experts in Samsun. As Samsun, we have to prepare ourselves for this. For this reason, we have started to work to expand and expand the organized industrial areas of our city. I hope we will work in the sense of where the industrial areas outside of agricultural lands can be. Azil

The Minister also gave information about the investments in health areas and said, Bakan We have serious investments in the field of health in our province. The location problem of the city hospital project, which had already started, has been solved and I hope that this year we will have laid the foundation of this hospital. Samsun needed a state hospital in the east and west direction. We will start our activities again this year to install one of them in Tekkeköy and the other in Atakum. Bunlar

Emphasizing that Samsun was the place where the first step was taken in the War of Independence, the Minister of Health said, “In 2019, we will realize the centenary of 19 May 1919. We will already celebrate this in Samsun, befitting the centenary and lighting the torch of our independence, by preparing for this. We will ensure that the War of Independence remains in the memory of our nation in a more meaningful way. In addition, single education will be started in all schools in Samsun in 2019. " said.

Also, Samsun deputies Fuat Köktaş, Hasan Basri Kurt, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, Deputy Governor Hasan Öztürk, Recep Yüksel, Sezgin Üçüncü, Vice Rector of Ondokuz Mayıs University. Dr. Mehmet Kuran, Provincial Police Director Vedat Yavuz, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander J. Kd. Albi. The regional and provincial directors of Ünsal Ağaoğlu and the investment organizations of our province participated.

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