'TÜLOMSAŞ is the Future of the City'

chpli sullu tulomsas is the future of the city
chpli sullu tulomsas is the future of the city

TÜLOMSAŞ Turkey's Rail Vehicle Industry Corporation (TÜRASAŞ) Republican concerns about merging under the umbrella of the People's Party deputy Eskisehir Dr. With the question proposal, Jale Nur Süllü directed the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport to Mehmet Cahit Turhan.

CHP Eskişehir Deputy Dr. Jale Nur Süllü, “TÜLOMSAŞ, which was established in 1894 as the Cer Workshop in the Ottoman period, was the pioneer in the development of a country that was exhausted in every field after the War of Independence, and has been an industrial establishment that has added value to our city and our country since yesterday.” saying with a significant production capacity at the national and international TÜLOMSAŞ, Turkey in Sivas by Presidential decrees Railway Machines Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ) and Sakarya, Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) 's with headquarters in Ankara, Turkey Rail System Utilities Industry Corporation (TÜRASAŞ) said it was worrying joined under the roof.

Sülük said that with this merger, the idea that TÜLOMSAŞ will shrink in the field of economy and employment and prepare for grounds for privatization is also welcomed by the public in Eskişehir, the city of railroads. Pointing out that the National High Speed ​​Train project, which was announced by Infrastructure and Transport Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan to Eskişehir a few months ago, is the part of the planning for this merger, what changes this will bring to TÜLOMSAŞ and being privatized. He made a written inquiry to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in order to clarify the issues regarding the absence.

Günceleme: 13/03/2020 13:26

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