Schools Have Been Dented Bus Stations and Airports Increased

Schools were holidays, bus stops and airports increased
Schools were holidays, bus stops and airports increased

The measures taken against coronavirus are increasing day by day. In this context, after the meeting in which the measures to be taken against choranavirus in the Presidential Complex on Thursday evening are discussed, the Presidency Sözcüİbrahim Kalın has announced that universities have been vacationing for 16 weeks starting from March 3th. Within 15 minutes after the announcement of the holiday news, people turned to online ticket sites and bus stations. For this reason, CEO Yaşar Çelik, who stated that it is 50 times the density compared to normal time, said: “The most concentrated group in buying tickets was university students. In the purchasing process of the students, it was seen that they used the agricultural bank cards where KYK scholarships and loans were paid. ”

Starting in China began to increase and the measures taken after the effects seen in the whole world in the fields below coronavirus Turkey. In this context, some precautions were taken, such as the holiday of the schools. After the announcement, because of the fact that millions of people wanted to buy tickets at the same time, there was a lot of traffic, especially on the websites of airlines selling online travel tickets, the websites of bus companies, the websites of travel agencies and bus stations. Every statement made caused the intensity to increase gradually.

90% of Sales Bus Tickets

As the density that started last night continued both on the sites and at the bus terminals, CEO Yaşar Çelik said, “While almost 90 percent of the sales are concentrated on bus tickets, users who purchase future air tickets are also able to cancel their tickets. they also flocked to their web pages. Despite this intense demand, bus companies have launched additional flights since the night. We invite all our people to be calm and not to rush to travel in bus stations so that they do not cause congestion at airports. Otherwise, the densities and crowds that may occur can prepare the environment for the virus to spread. We should not forget that the reason for the holiday is to reduce the possibility of our citizens to move away from the collective environment and to spread the virus in their homes ”.

Aircraft Occupancy Rate Dropped

Çelik continued his words as follows: “Occupancy in aircraft is significantly decreasing. Domestic round trip has become possible to purchase tickets for 140 TL. However, as the purchases of tickets increased to 13.14.15 March after the holiday announcement, prices started to increase again. On the other hand, after the holiday news, while the cancellation rates in the planes increased, bus ticket sales started to increase and accumulate. We recommend that our users plan their travels for the next weekdays so that they can find tickets at an affordable price and stay away from the density ”

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