crypto money news

Crypto Money News

Today, the crypto money market, which is seen as the address of high rates and secure earnings, must be followed instantly for the most accurate and reliable investment. The crypto market is unfavorable in the world [more…]

The fight against bts in tcdd brought results
06 Ankara

BTS's Struggle Against Exile in TCDD Brings Results

The decision to deport TCDD Personnel Ünal Karadağ from his duty in İzmir and exile to Malatya was withdrawn as a result of the struggle of the managers and members of the United Transport Workers Union. He was exiled to Malatya after being terminated from his duty in İzmir by TCDD. [more…]

marmaray train number will be increased
34 Istanbul

Marmaray Train Flights Will Be Increased

Expedition will be increased in Marmaray due to high demand. The first increase is between Maltepe and Zeytinburnu. Due to the high number of passengers, it is planned to increase the voyage in Marmaray. Maltepe-Zeytinburnu is the first target of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and TCDD Tasimacilik. [more…]

natural products

Natural products

Uraw Cosmetics, which operates in the field of cosmetic products that women and men frequently use in their daily lives and has an important place in the sector with its success in a very short time, offers its products produced with natural methods to its customers. [more…]

bursa railway and yenisehir airport
16 Bursa

Bursa, Railway and Yenişehir Airport

With simple solutions, we can awaken sleeping giants with some small investments and mobilize idle investments. With small investments, we can increase the development levels of our economically backward regions. There is such an opportunity in our city.70-80 aircraft can land [more…]