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ALCER Machinery

ALCER MACHINE, all kinds of vehicles, automobiles, minibuses, minibuses, trucks, trucks, city buses, subway vehicles, trains and similar vehicles and all kinds of industrial products and similar equipment to wash the PLC [more…]

new anonymous chat site
Introduction Letter

New Anonymous Chat Site

A reliable website with a structure accessible to everyone, which does not encounter any problems with the entries, has been created. In this way, you can directly choose the website with the oil that all members can access, for live chat. [more…]

Generator in the maintenance vehicle ignited
54 Sakarya

Generator in the YHT Maintenance Vehicle Flames

The generator located in the YHT maintenance vehicle in the Pamukova Karapınar Quarter lit up. When the flaming vehicle did not go out with the intervention of the citizens, the driver took the burning vehicle out of the neighborhood so that the flames did not splash into the houses. Event Pamukova [more…]

barrier free taxi next to those in need
41 Kocaeli

Kocaeli Taxi Barrier-Free For Needs

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality provides services to disabled citizens with “Disabled Kocaeli Taxi”. In this context, "Barrier-Free Kocaeli Taxi" was brought to the aid of Ahmet Sarıbaş, a 49-year-old disabled who lives in Karaağaç Neighborhood of Kandıra District. DISABLED [more…]