Bursa, Railway and Yenişehir Airport

bursa railway and yenisehir airport
bursa railway and yenisehir airport

With simple solutions, we can awaken sleeping giants with some small investments and mobilize idle investments. With small investments, we can increase the development levels of our economically backward regions.

There is such an opportunity in our city. Our airport in the city, where planes of 70-80 people could land, was suddenly inadequate. When we built an international airport, the Bursa economy would fly. Dozens of aircraft that will land at the airport will bring hundreds and thousands of businessmen, tourists will come to Bursa like rain; dollar and euro would fly in the air. It is possible to go to the airport in Istanbul in 2-2.5 hours, there are airports (Kocaeli-Eskişehir-Kütahya) that do not operate in the cities around us, there are no international airports under the same climatic conditions, there are not enough passengers to fly from Bursa to Ankara or Istanbul. the ear was not hung. The place was also ready, unused parts of the Yenişehir military airport.

The airport was built with the wind of the airport building lobby. As soon as it was made, all magic was broken. The airport, which was opened with great hopes, did not work whatever was done. THY lifted flights several times from the lack of passengers. A few "charter" flights did not save our airport with great hopes. The airport building lobby also disappeared after getting what it wanted. We now have an airport that costs 500-600 million dollars but we hope to be of benefit.

In my opinion, this airport is a sleeping giant. We have a great economic value. My suggestion is to make Yenişehir Airport the cargo center of our country. The only thing to do for this is to connect the airport to the railway system, starting from the Mekecek train station of Bilecik province. To transport the other end of this line to Gemlik port and Gemlik free zone via Iznik. Bursa, which is the 5th biggest city of our country in terms of population, comes after Istanbul and Kocaeli provinces in terms of industrial production. There are fifteen Organized Industrial Zones in our province, including İnegöl. It is logically unacceptable that these regions remain outside the rail network. Think about what will happen when this line, which can be considered as the beginning of the Mekecek-Bursa-Bandırma line, and how it will create an economic recovery.

  • Yenişehir and İznik districts, which have been migrating for years, will come to life economically and culturally.
  • Yenişehir airport will be the air cargo center of our country.
  • All kinds of air cargo will come from this center to the industrial areas of Istanbul-Kocaeli-Central Anatolia and Bursa and all kinds of cargo will be sent.
  • There are free zones and 5 ports in Gemlik, one of our central districts. It has become an important logistics center of our country.

The only thing to do is to connect the train route to İnegöl, Yenişehir, İznik with a small investment according to the highway, to activate the Yenişehir airport and to provide employment opportunities for thousands of people.
In 1948, the Bursa-Mudanya line was temporarily closed due to loss. In 1953, the rails were removed. I think Prime Minister Menderes, who made this decision, was annoyed by this situation, that Bursa was not connected to the railway. He wanted to connect Bursa to the train tracks. Hopefully he will listen to what we have written so that Bursa gets the train line mentioned 63 years ago.

February Domination newspaper
February Domination newspaper

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