affordable prices for cat and dog food
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Affordable Prices in Cat and Dog Food

Being a pet is of great importance in terms of distributing the feeling of loveliness. The idea that every living thing is a value forms the detail of getting a pet. However, the fineness of providing a quality environment to these creatures [more…]

No increase in marmaray fees
34 Istanbul

Is there any increase in Marmaray Fees?

In order to increase the shortest distance fare from 2.60 TL to 3.50 TL in the private public bus, IETT, metro and metrobus tariffs at the Transportation Coordination Center meeting held at the Disaster Coordination Center of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

mass transportation vehicles are disinfected in konya
42 Konya

Public Transport Vehicles are Disinfected in Konya

Konya Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out disinfection work on public transportation vehicles carrying tens of thousands of people every day. Teams affiliated to Konya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Environmental Protection and Control, increased flu and epidemic [more…]

Percentage hike was made in Istanbul for transportation
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35 Percent Hike Decision Has Been Made in Istanbul

The Union of Chambers of Craftsmen and Artisans in Istanbul announced that a 35 percent hike decision was made in Istanbul. The hike is expected to come into force after the signature of the relevant authorities. Transportation Coordination at the Disaster Coordination Center of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

estram bus bus will be purchased

ESTRAM 48 Bus Driver Will Be Taken

For those looking for a job in Eskisehir, Estram Light Rail Systems, which is one of the affiliates of Metropolitan Municipality via İŞKUR. 48 recruitment ads were published by. According to the statement, at least 1 year experienced [more…]