Domestic Automobile Factory to Start Mass Production in 2021

domestic automobile factory will also be in serial production
domestic automobile factory will also be in serial production

TRNC Minister of Labor and Social Security Faiz Sucuoğlu visited the factory where Günsel, the first domestic electric car of the country, will be produced, and Dr. He received information from İrfan Günsel about the works.

According to the information given by the Ministry, İrfan Günsel explained that the production of B10, which was formed by combining more than 9 thousand pieces with his own engineers, will start in 2021 at the factory, whose investment is financed by his own resources, and that his production capacity will start with 2021 vehicles per year in 2. He expressed that it is planned to reach 2025 thousand vehicles annually in 20.

Sucuoğlu said, “The information we receive shows that another matter as important as the employment that the domestic automobile factory will create will be the employment it will provide to the automotive supplier industry manufacturers. We also learned that a cooperation protocol has been signed with 28 companies from 800 countries for the production of parts designed by engineers. With the commencement of mass production, negotiations are held with suppliers to produce the parts that make up this car. His studies show that together with the production facilities to be used in production and to be established in our country for the production of auto parts, thousands of young people will have a chance to work as engineers and technicians, which will prevent brain drain ”. used expressions.

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