Marmaray Train Flights Will Be Increased

marmaray train number will be increased
marmaray train number will be increased

Expedition will be increased in Marmaray due to high demand. The first increase is between Maltepe and Zeytinburnu. Due to the high number of passengers, it is planned to increase the voyage in Marmaray. The first target of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and TCDD Tasimacilik is to increase the number of flights between Maltepe and Zeytinburnu.

According to the news of Olcay Aydilek from Habertürk, it is foreseen to increase the number of trains in Marmaray, which came to the agenda with a 35 percent hike at the beginning of the week. TCDD Tasimacilik is preparing to increase the number and frequency of trains between Maltepe and Zeytinburnu line, where the density is highest. According to the new planning, the train will arrive every 15 minutes instead of 8 minutes. Two points in Marmaray, where passenger demand and mobilization are the most intense between Maltepe and Zeytinburnu. Passengers cannot take the train from time to time. He has to wait for the second train.

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