Russian Crimea Train Flights Started

russia kirim train services started
russia kirim train services started

Russian Crimea Train Flights Started; With the construction of the Crimean Bridge, the mainland of Russia was connected with the mainland of the Crimea, Moscow and St.Petersburg, which is expected to begin soon, direct train tickets showed great interest.

25 December one-way ticket to Sevastopol-St.Petersburg 4 thousand 524 thousand rubles were sold, citizens who competed to buy tickets at the same price as the plane ticket Russian Railways web site led to the lock.

According to Moskovski Komsomolets, 3 sold more than a thousand tickets the first day after the start of sales.

The trains “Tavriya ecek will travel from Moscow (Kazanski Station) and St. Petersburg (Moskovski Train Station) to Simferopol every day. Expedition time will be 33 hours from Moscow and 43 hours from St. Petersburg.

The first train over the Crimean Bridge will be held in December 23 between St.Petersburg and Sevastopol. Moscow-Simferopol flights will start in December 24.

Tickets for Simferopol-Moscow trains 2 thousand 966 rubles-9 thousand 952 rubles, tickets for St.Petersburg-Sevastopol flights are offered at prices ranging from 3 thousand 900-8 thousand 900 rubles. (turkrus)

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