How many people will be in the minibus in Trabzon?

how many people will be filled in the handrail
how many people will be filled in the handrail

How Many Persons Will Be Shared in Trabzon ?; The first meeting of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality in November was held under the chairmanship of the Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Murat Zorluoğlu.

In the city, the inner-city minibus system came up again. Negotiations are under way for a complete replacement of the dolmush system, while the new system is scheduled to be put into service in June of 2020.

Zorluoğlu said, muş From June of the year 2020, the minibuses should be suitable for the disabled and more comfortable especially for air conditioning. None of the vehicles currently used as minibuses will be legally available from June 2020. Therefore, their modernization is required by law. We have been in close contact with our Drivers Association since the beginning. We met several times not only with our Chauffeurs Association, but also with all our station heads and held mutual consultations. We have brought this process up to now with the logic of full consultation. Our main goal here is to make the most of our people. In other words, we have worked on a more comfortable dolmism understanding. In the meantime, I would like to gladly state that our Chauffeurs Association and our station presidents have put their hands under the stone. I thank them.

There were three alternatives. One of them is that the existing minibuses will continue to be renewed with the number of seats without any increase in seats. In other words, by increasing the models of vehicles, making them more suitable for the disabled, increasing the comfort of the system to continue. The second option is to increase the number of seats to 16 + 1 and reduce the number of vehicles and increase the number of partners to 3.

As you know, every dolmuş in Trabzon has two partners. The third suggestion is to increase the number of seats above the 17 to increase the number of minibuses to a public bus status and to offer them to the minibus service. In the next few weeks, we will be able to explain these options to all our interlocutors with their advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes there are reports in the press that this business has turned into Tangle. They should not be respected. The process continues under our coordination. Provided that our people receive a better minibus service, our driver's approach to these options is important for us. When they make this decision among themselves, we will look warmly to their decisions if they guarantee that our people will receive comfortable service. ”

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