Crimean Bridge Railway Construction Completed

railway bridge construction completed
railway bridge construction completed

According to the Russian Agency for Ecology, Technology and Nuclear Control (Rostehnadzor), the railway section of the Crimean Bridge connecting Krasnodar and Crimea over the Kerch Strait has been completed.

SputniknewsAccording to the news in; “Rostehnadzor announced the construction of the railway part of the Crimean Bridge has been completed.

The statement, as a result of recent audits this month, the railway part of the bridge is technologically ready.

The Crimean Bridge was opened to vehicle crossings in May 2018. Train crossings on the bridge will begin on 23 December. On December 23 st. A train will depart from St. Petersburg at 14:00 and Moscow at 24:23 on December 45.

The railroad section of the bridge was designed to lift 7.1 tons. The trains are planned to arrive in Crimea from 11 Russian cities.

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