Nostalgic Tram Coming to Mersin

nostalgic tram coming to myrtle
nostalgic tram coming to myrtle

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality started to work on Mersin Landscape Master Plan which is a first in the history of the city. The works started under the leadership of Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer and are prepared by considering the views of urban dynamics.

The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Seçer, met with landscape architects, agricultural engineers, architects, city planners and officials from Mersin University, who have a say in the field of landscape from the moment he took office. He wanted the work to begin. In this direction, the work was approached to an end. With the Mersin Landscape Master Plan prepared, a modern, residential and green areas planned city is aimed.

Mersin's 20 annual landscape future is planned

Stating that they attach great importance to the landscape in line with the plan in which Mersin's 20 annual future is foreseen in terms of green areas, Mayor Seçer said, tanesi One of the topics I put on top of the headlines is the landscape of the city. The aesthetics of the city is an event that touches the citizen directly. Every civilized person wants to live in a regular city, in a city where the green is more dominant, the visual is more beautiful and the aesthetics are more beautiful. Mersin is a modern city and a modern city. At least we have such a claim. Not where we want it, but we will create a better city. We seek to create an enormous city with its appearance, order and modernity. Therefore, we care about landscape ”.

Mufti Valley will come to life

First of all, plant inventory of Mersin will be prepared and green area maps will be created and the climate changes will be taken into consideration in the afforestation works to be carried out within the scope of the plan. Within this framework, it is planned to use plant species that are resistant to temperature increases and drought, and large, shade tree species.

In the works to be carried out within the scope of the Mufti Valley Urban Design Project, which is planned separately from the scope of the plan, it is aimed to make a plan supporting the ecology and climate action plan by creating green corridors in the north-south direction by acquiring and arranging green areas along the valley. Within the scope of the valley project, which will include the cycling routes of 26 kilometers, the nostalgic tram that connects to the area starting from Mersin Railway Station will reveal the historical identity of the city.

Mersin city structure, adhering to the city's green area identity will be created within the scope of the project initiated work is expected to be completed as soon as possible.

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