ESHOT Takes Measures for Global Climate Crisis

eshot takes precautions for global climate crisis
eshot takes precautions for global climate crisis

ESHOT Takes Precautions for the Global Climate Crisis; Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer announced: İzmir will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 percent until 40

As the global climate crisis deepens day by day, İzmir renewed its target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by taking another important step in the fight against the climate crisis. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer“We have renewed our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 percent by 20, to reduce it by 2030 percent by 40 with the Presidents' Covenant for Climate and Energy,” he said.

Speaking at the 11th Global Warming Congress organized by the Association of Economics Journalists yesterday in Izmir, Soyer stated that they have established a Climate Change Department within the Municipality to take measures against the effects of the climate crisis and to develop policies compatible with the climate crisis.

20 electric bus to be bought more

Stating that the number of electric buses in ESHOT's bus fleet will be increased to 20 per year within the scope of combating the climate crisis, Soyer continued: “We established a solar power plant in ESHOT's workshop buildings in Buca to meet the electricity needs of these buses. This is the main reason why we say 'We Knit Izmir with Iron Nets'. We dominate a healthy, reliable and cleaner transportation system in Izmir. ”

Sustainable energy production will continue

Soyer stated that increasing electricity production from solar energy is a priority for them for a clean future and a clean Izmir. Çiğli Mud Digester Drying Plant, Solar Mud Drying Plant in Menderes, Bayraklı Reminding that Ekrem Akurgal Life Park and Sports Hall, Seyrek Animal Shelter and Selçuk Solid Waste Transfer Station have been installed on the roofs of solar power plants, Soyer said that they started the energy production from waste in İzmir with the biogas facility opened in Harmandalı last week. Stating that the works in this context will continue, Soyer said, “We will also implement four new waste facilities in Bergama, Dikili, Kınık and Aliağa districts as soon as possible”.

Celal Toprak, President of the Association of Economics Journalists, said: “Climate change hits everyone regardless of religion, language, race and economic situation. If we do not stop climate change, he will stop us. ”

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