İZBAN Strike Done, Expeditions Return to Normality

izban strike expires freeze to normal
izban strike expires freeze to normal

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality announced that after the end of the strike in İZBAN, temporarily created bus and minibus lines will be removed from the expedition starting from tomorrow (Wednesday, January 9). Vans with ESHOT buses will return to the normal operating system before the strike.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which organized new bus lines and created additional minibus lines along the İZBAN route during the strike process launched by the employees of İZBAN last December in order to prevent the victims from being victimized, returns to normal working order with the end of the strike. Due to the re-commissioning of the suburban system, the Bagged Transition with the number 773 (Tepeköy Transfer), which is temporarily established by the General Directorate of ESHOT, the transfer of the Aliağa Transfer-Egekent Transfer with the number 843, the transfer of the Egekent Transfer-Bornova Metro with the number 844 and the Çiğli Transfer with the number 856 -Elsancak Gar lines are canceled. It is. ESHOT will continue to serve with a pre-strike operating system from tomorrow (9 January Wednesday).

On the other hand, in order to eliminate the victimization of citizens in the İZBAN strike, minibus lines created temporarily by the Metropolitan Municipality will also be removed from tomorrow.

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