Cable Car Tension in Sapanca City Council

cable car tension in the city council of sapanca
cable car tension in the city council of sapanca

Following the meeting of the Municipal Assembly, residents of the Hasanpaşa neighborhood protested the MHP members who abstained in the voting of the motion, demanding that the ropeway project be stopped.

in NetgasAccording to the news, the CHP Parliamentary Group at the meeting held today in the Sapanca Municipal Assembly, to stop the irreversible damages to stop the work immediately gave a motion. President Özcan Özen and a member of the parliament did not participate in the 16 member assembly. AKP's 7, CHP's 4 and MHP's 3 members voted. While the CHP members voted in favor of the motion, the MHP abstained and the motion was rejected by the AKP's 7 vote.

Following the vote, the majority of women and the elderly Hasanpasa, MHP members of the assembly,, You were with us in the area. Now you abstain. Pity, why don't you do your part ”and threw glass of water at the members. Approximately 60 people protesters were removed from the hall.

CHP's Resolution

The CHP Parliamentary Group's proposal to the Presidency of the Assembly advocated the following views: Citizens to the state religious education facilities or parks and green spaces donated as a public benefit to private companies under the name of public interest in the trust of the citizen's trust and heart.

We are assigned to worry about the problems of the people's hearts and to be a remedy for their problems.

We said that we must change the heart of the municipality. However, the people of Sapanca threw us together with the current parliament to manage us said. We came to keep our promise.

We see that the hearts of the people living in Hasanpaşa neighborhood are bitter.

Our duty is to solve this problem by doing the heart of the municipality.

Public means everybody, all means public. In spite of the cable car project, we demand that the works in the neighborhood be stopped immediately in order to prevent irreparable damages.

Map of Turkey Cableway

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