Minister Turhan Toured ASAŞ Factory

turhan asas toured the factory
turhan asas toured the factory

Minister Turhan toured the ASAŞ Factory; Minister Turhan, Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association (MUSIAD) Diplomatic Relations Committee MUSIAD Sakarya Branch organized by the D-8 Countries Ambassadors Summit spoke.

Turhan stated that there was a period in which communication and business relations took place intensively.

Turhan stated that D-8 was established for this purpose and said: uz We would like to thank our elders who have contributed to the establishment of this organization. We have to act with sincerity, mutual understanding and win-win understanding in order to fulfill this important task that they have left us. We have never in our history in pursuit of an acquisition as unfair in our particular present Turkey. In every business we have tried to abide by the law. This happened in our trade and business relations. We will endeavor to leave the legacy left to us by our ancestors to those who follow us in this way. We are a nation that strives to conduct our trade with all kinds of love and respect. For this reason, we have to respect the rights and the law of the people we will work with. I think that the unity formed within this understanding can be continuous. I think that our relations with D-8 countries should continue to develop. ”

Minister Turhan, then to Turkey Wagon Industry AŞ (TÜVASAŞ) visited.

TÜVASAŞ Chairman and General Manager Dr. Turhan, who received information about the works of İlhan Kocaarslan, visited TÜVASAŞ's Aluminum Body Production Factory and examined the National Electric Train Set under construction.

Turhan went to ASAŞ Aluminum Factory in Akyazı district and got information from Gökhan Yavuz, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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