Road Joy in Manavgat Ahmetler

the joy of the road manavgat ahmetlerde
the joy of the road manavgat ahmetlerde

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Manavgat district Ahmetler Neighborhood is distorted and narrow because of the complaint caused by the citizens began to build 9 kilometers of road.

Metropolitan Municipality Rural Services Department, which continues its activities with the team of 14 in Ahmetler Neighborhood of Manavgat, enlarges the narrow parts of the neighborhood road and cleans the broken stockade. In order to ensure that the infrastructure is intact, the road is filled with hard filling material and compressed. Following the completion of the infrastructure, the 9 kilometer road will be re-paved.


Residents of Ahmetler Neighborhood who stated that they had trouble in transportation due to the road being broken for a long time “Our road was full of pits. We were very happy that our narrow and broken road would be paved. We would like to thank our Mayor Muhittin Böcek for fulfilling our request. ”

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