The Brain and Heart of the National Electric Train is entrusted to ASELSAN

the brain and heart of the national electric train are entrusted to aselsana
the brain and heart of the national electric train are entrusted to aselsana

With the 2020 Investment Program, the provision of High Speed ​​Train Sets from abroad will be stopped, and the way for domestic and national production to be opened further will save rail transportation technologies with high speed and billions of euros for the economy.

It made significant progress for the domestic production of critical technologies and national defense industries in various sectors including Turkey, the commitment by the Year 2020 Investment Program with further reinforces. The decisions regarding the “National Electric Train Set” project included in the Program constitute a remarkable example of this will. The Program, which started a new era in terms of locality and nationality in rail transportation systems, will take further advances in areas such as supporting the domestic industry, reducing technological competence in the areas needed, reducing foreign dependency, and achieving serious economic gains.

The procurement period from abroad ends

In the 12 Investment Program, which was prepared in line with the targets envisaged in the Eleventh Development Plan and published in the Official Gazette on 2020 February 2020 with the Decision of the President, it is pointed out that the national electric train will be implemented with domestic and national facilities. In the part of the program mentioned in the “High Speed ​​Train Set” project, there are the following statements: “Additional High Speed ​​Train Sets will not be supplied from abroad pursuant to the Presidential Announcement dated 12, except for the 14.05.2019 High Speed ​​Train Sets whose procurement processes continue, National Electric Train Sets produced by TÜVASAŞ will be used in high speed train lines. ” It is also stated in the program that domestic production contribution rate will be observed at the maximum level in purchasing vehicles and equipment.

In the sector, it is considered that this will will strengthen the hand of domestic companies against the global scale foreign players in the market and that the domestic and national industry can reach their medium and long term targets in a much shorter period if they do not step back from this point.

The "brain" and "heart" of the train is entrusted to ASELSAN

ASELSAN, which has recently started to transfer its capabilities in defense technologies to the civilian area, is also included in the National Electric Train Set project. Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. supplier (TÜVASAŞ), according to the contract, the Project's Train Control and Management System and Traction Chain System are supplied by ASELSAN.

The Train Control and Management System (TKYS), which is described as the "brain" of a train, basically controls the vital functions of the vehicle such as acceleration, deceleration (braking), stopping, door control, passenger crossings and lighting, while its comfort-oriented subsystems such as air conditioning and passenger information also manages. TKYS computer designed in a modular structure and has a high level of reliability and reliability; architecture, control, safety and reliability algorithms, hardware and embedded software are developed completely uniquely.

The Traction Chain System (main transformer, traction converter, auxiliary converter, traction motor and gearbox) with the elements that are described as the “heart” of a train are implemented in a way that will provide high efficiency performance with original software, hardware and algorithms.

High speed in production

Thanks to the evaluation of ASELSAN's experience and capabilities in the defense industry in the National Electric Train Set project, both production speed and time are saved. The fact that ASELSAN takes place in the systems that are the "brain" and "heart" of the train from the design stages brings a remarkable result such as the completion of the production, which can last for decades under normal conditions, in 1,5 years.

€ 6 billion gain

Currently Turkey's needed from abroad, 106 of the 12 train sets, while 5 is met through the National Electric Train project. The case of the remaining 89 train sets with local and national facilities to produce approximately 3,5 billion euros will reportedly remain in Turkey. It is stated that this situation will have a multiplier effect in the industry and the said figure will reach 6 billion Euros. In order to achieve this economic gain, the importance of placing orders to TÜVASAŞ is emphasized today. This allows tight timetable with all train set in Turkey encountered thick without being dependent on outside is logged and can be easily met with local and national facility needs.

Offers high comfort

The national electric train, produced by TÜVASAŞ and whose speed is increased from 160 kilometers per hour to 200 kilometers per hour, is designed with an aluminum body and aims to be a first with this quality. The 5-vehicle set with high comfort features is developed in accordance with the intercity travel. It is also designed to meet all the needs of disabled passengers.

Source: Milliyet Newspaper



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