imo bursa subenin fast train expectation
16 Bursa

Expectation of High Speed ​​Train of IMO Bursa Branch

Bursa's longing for the train does not seem to end in the short term. In the statement of the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turan yesterday, there are statements that Bursa's longing will end only in 2023, but there is still the infrastructure of Yenişehir Osmaneli connection and Bursa-Osmaneli superstructure, [more…]

to reach fast train in izmir
35 Izmir

İzmir Will Get Fast Train in 2023

Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan, Turkey in general and to shorten distances in intercity 889 thousand kilometers of high-speed trains to facilitate people's lives (YHT), 786 thousand kilometers high-speed train (HT) [more…]

german freiburg
49 Germany

760 Freiburg Supported Fire in Germany

In Berlin, the capital of Germany, the brink of disaster was returned. A fire broke out on the train with 760 Freiburg fans on board. Three of the four people injured in the incident were treated at the hospital. “Berlin vs. Berlin and Freiburg's 4-3 [more…]

army bus stops renewing
52 Army

Bus Stops Are Renewed in Ordu

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to place new bus stops in the needed areas of the city, renewed the damaged, worn and completed stops within the scope of public transportation services in accordance with the texture of the city. [more…]

ankara gurultu action plan protocol signed
06 Ankara

Protocol Signed for 'Ankara Noise Action Plan'

A protocol was signed for the “Ankara Noise Action Plan” which will be realized in coordination of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center. Secretary General of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Dr. Cumali Kınacı and TÜBİTAK Marmara [more…]