Lawyer Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Station Tender A Criminal Announcement

lawyers about haydarpasa and sirkeci gari tenders
lawyers about haydarpasa and sirkeci gari tenders

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), which was unfairly eliminated from the tender of TCDD's Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci station areas, started a legal struggle. Regional Administrative Court for the cancellation of the tender, the IMM lawyers applied to the Anatolian Courthouse in the afternoon, filed a criminal complaint about those responsible for the tender.

En We filed a criminal complaint against the general manager of TCDD, 1 regional manager, commission members and the authorities of the company to which the tender was given. Our application for cancellation of the tender will be examined by the Administrative Court. If the court considers that the rejection of our request regarding the allocation or direct leasing of these facilities directly to the IMM without making tenders is also unlawful, the TCDD may have to give these areas directly to the IMM ”.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) in Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci station belonging to about 29 thousand square meters of idle state at storage areas "to use commercial activity" rent in order to make it onto the screening in an unfair manner from the tender, launched a legal battle .

İBB 1 Legal Counsel Eren Sönmez and the accompanying 9 lawyer applied to the Regional Administrative Court in Bağcılar for the cancellation of the tender. Eren Sönmez made statements to press members after his application and in accordance with both the Metropolitan Municipality Law and the related regulation; He stated that the historical areas were under the responsibility of IMM and that they had previously requested the allocation of these areas to IMM before the tender.


Sönmez stated that this request was rejected by TCDD and said, ık We also filed a lawsuit for the cancellation of his rejection. At the same time last Friday, we just applied for the cancellation and suspension of the interim decision of the joint venture, which is composed of four affiliates of IMM. The process has now come to the judiciary. We will follow the process closely. We rely on the Turkish judiciary and Turkish justice ”.


Sönmez also gave information about how the process will work. “The Administrative Court will examine the issue. If it decides to suspend the execution of the tender process, the process will be stopped. If the court considers that the rejection of our request regarding the allocation or leasing directly to the IMM without making a tender is also unlawful, the court may have to give these areas directly to the IMM kul.

Eren Sönmez and other IMM lawyers, the District Administrative Court after their application to Kartal passed. Lawyers who filed a criminal complaint to the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office about the tenderers in the Anatolian Courthouse, then made a statement to the press members who filled the courthouse yard. Eren Sönmez announced their criminal complaint with the following words: uk We have filed a criminal complaint against the head of the contracting entity, the general manager of TCDD, the regional director of 1, the commission members and the officials of the company to which the tender was awarded. ”


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality President Ekrem İmamoğlu said, “These places are very spiritual places for Istanbul. These areas will be used for art and culture. We aim to prevent a new betrayal to Istanbul. We will not follow the process in an ordinary way. Those who want to see this, let them look into my eyes, taking into account the results of 23 June ”. Dozens of lawyers matching the call, Kadikoy Mayor Şerdil Dara Odabaşı, President of the Istanbul Bar Association Av. Mehmet Durakoğlu, Chamber of Architects President Eyüp Muhcu and a large number of citizens, gathered in front of the Anatolian Courthouse.


President of Istanbul Bar Association Att. In his assessment, Mehmet Durakoğlu said, “We are talking about a tender law that has been changed once 147. There was a reason it changed so much; to be able to deliver tenders to the address. We've seen it as natural for years. We accepted the auctions delivered to the address. We have agreed to allocate state property to private individuals. Everything seemed to be normal business now. ”


“One day a mayor came out and said, 'These values ​​are my values, 16 is the values ​​of the millionaires of Istanbul, I will take care of these values'. Dur Durakoğlu continued: mücadele We are struggling to protect historical values. The tenders delivered to the address were also in accordance with the law but not in accordance with the law. There is only one reason for a mayor to act on local initiatives today, and for many lawyers to be able to meet. They are here to announce that these practices involve unlawfulness. Do you know Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, 'they will go as they come' had said in front of the station Haydarpasa. We will never tolerate lawlessness. ”

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