Mayor İmamoğlu: 'We Will Protect Our Historic Buildings Like Lions'

President Imamoglu will have historical buildings like lions
President Imamoglu will have historical buildings like lions

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluresponded to the statements of the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mehmet Cahit Turhan, regarding the tender for Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations. Emphasizing that the photo of the Minister with the person who won the tender in his office has become meaningful, İmamoğlu said, “You have made the questioner even bigger. It damaged the reputation of TCDD...

You've already damaged the reputation of the TCDD enough. So far you have already damaged your operations, your work and accidents. But the bigger bruising You are doing a big bruising by choosing to give the two historical symbols of TCDD, Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa to someone, someone you don't know. Our duty will be to prevent you with great responsibility. Until the end of these historic buildings, as the IMM, we will protect as lions. One day you will be ashamed. You will be ashamed of this, Mr. Minister.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, responded with a statement to the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mehmet Cahit Turhan, who made statements about the Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations tender, which caused public reactions. Bus Inc. at the World Trade Center İmamoğlu, who was in front of the cameras at the General Directorate, expressed his reaction with the following words:


“As of last night, I found it important to share my observations and thoughts regarding this statement with both you and our people, especially Istanbul citizens. Mr. Statements made by the Minister yesterday, and unfortunately what that pain, he made the bidder known company's lawyer, minister of the Republic of Turkey has made me, I understand. I didn't see a difference. A lawyer could only defend the owner of this company to which this tender was a gift. But such a defensive content could be published. When I read the text, 'Are you sure? This is the description 'I needed to ask. I'm sorry. I'm sorry on behalf of the Republic of Turkey. First, the statement made by the Press Counselor and the subsequent statement, if it is the direct expression of the Minister, is a great shame and history. The ministry is equal to a citizen's attorney, I feel sorry. He's done so wrong. ”


Ası It is an important part of a question that even a company without a web site with a capital of 10 thousand pounds made a capital increase of 1 million pounds the day before the second invitation day when receiving this tender. What kind of signal did he get? How did he get a warning? How did he feel such a need? I see 15 as a valuable proof during the day and I want to draw the attention of our citizens to this issue. You know, I've always mentioned it; handful of people. With this statement, the Minister has chosen to stand by a handful of people, not 16 million Istanbulites. It is a very bitter explanation. What is it? Sir, 4 has a condition of doing millions of pounds! For the love of god; here we are talking only about Kültür A.Ş. There is a 254 company consortium, all four of which are owned by the state-owned subsidiary, IMM. Only one of them has 4 million pounds of work experience. You're talking about work experience or other excuses. ”


“So if you could see: 'Someone gave 100 thousand TL, the other one gave 350 thousand TL!' A minister, in this way, 'gave a lot of money. The tender was given to him as' making explanations… which is wrong. That's not true either. Why isn't it true? You didn't even invite us to the second bargain. You describe the tender in 2 stages; In the first stage you get the offer, in the second stage no one knows where to go in that bargain. So many false statements, 'more money' and so on to make such statements; What motivation? I'm sorry. The person who is the appointed minister of this country cannot say this. This is not possible."


“I do not intend to pronounce what the Minister said one by one here; But he has an important sentence: 'Why does IMM annoy Mr. İmamoğlu that while there are places thousands of times larger than these areas, a modern culture and arts area will be established for the benefit of the society in the areas subject to the tender.' Gee! Mr. Minister, do you know the project? There is no project yet. Did the company that won this tender show you the project? A modern culture and arts area…? How do you know? Did he show you a structure? I wonder. How sure, how well and aware of the company they awarded this tender; he knows! More painful; “You have areas thousands of times larger than these…” Mr. Minister, you could not feel Istanbul. Turkey now has doubts as to whether you feel. We are talking about two valuable and important areas of Istanbul. One of them is Haydarpaşa, the other is Sirkeci. In other words, we are talking about two landmarks that have marked the history of this city and this country for more than a century. You got up, 'Why are you talking to this? You have thousands of fields in your hand… You say a modern structure will be established. "


“Now that Minister has become very meaningful to the photo! That photo you took in your office has become very meaningful. You've made the question much bigger. Obviously, 16 will focus on the culture and art of this city as a motivation on behalf of millions of people, a person, a handful of people, who are not certain, we do not know what to do… I do not know. Perhaps you are more familiar with this. You're raising the question. Your motivation for this is z damaging the reputation of TCDD. You've already damaged the reputation of the TCDD enough. So far you have already damaged your operations, your work and accidents. But you do the greater damage by trying to prefer the two historical symbols of TCDD, Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa to someone, someone you don't know. Our duty will be to prevent you with great responsibility. Until the end of these historic buildings, as the IMM, we will protect as lions. And someday you'il be ashamed. You will be ashamed of this, Mr. Minister. ”


"I, the judgment of the Republic of Turkey, I trust justice. We have applied for 16 million people. We will follow every moment of this application on behalf of 16 million people. We will search our full legal rights. Legal rights when searching, as follows Turkey's exactly what Mr. Minister mentioned, national unity and the date a draw we need it, a simple subject, a historic area can give to another public institution of a public institution by delivering a handful of people in this way, I condemn you, Mr. Minister, for acting against the spirit of this spiritual and national process. You're on the opposite side. I condemn you. You could get through this process with a very good, very human, very national and very spiritual process. I tried to give you the opportunity, but you failed. Because you have another motivation. I don't understand, but someday it will come out. You know what you're doing wrong. I hope the judiciary will correct this and you will be very ashamed. ”


Imamoglu, then answered questions from members of the press. The questions asked by Imamoglu and the answers given by the IMM President were as follows:

Içerisinde In the statement you made following your being banned from the station tenders, there are also accusations of bullying the Istanbul people and bullying… ”

  • The Republic of Turkey is a state of law, what the law calls the right to accurate it is I'm the one who knows very well. In yesterday's statement, contrary to the law, contrary to the statesmanship and really there is so much bad in the sense that sentences are contrary to Turkey's administrative and financial procedure. He is the one who makes society agitated by his attitudes and explanations; but the people of Istanbul are so discreet and conscious that they will know their rights to the fullest. We go to law, we seek our right. Again, Mr. Minister, I invite you to become a minister again. I hope you can correct your mistakes. For your own reputation and your own career.


“In his testimony, the minister says, 'Let's give a joint venture that gives 350 thousand TL instead of giving 100 thousand TL, it would not be legitimate,” he says. Is there such a figure? ”

  • First, you receive a sealed envelope offer. One side 100 thousand thousand, the other side gave 300 thousand pounds. Look, let's put all the ethical and moral aspects aside. Suppose you are in any tender. You say, 'I will negotiate in the second part.' You didn't call me! You have banned 16 million people, IMM. The man entered alone. Do you know what's out there? Have you been invited? Do you know anything? 'Input and 350 gave a thousand pounds!' Catch the procedure once. You heard from us that we were banned. We reacted as soon as we received the document. Work done, done. Not even you were invited. We're already banned. There are so many deep question marks that you look at the minister's statements. It's a pity. The minister has pity on his entire career. Very painful. Your whole career.


Mı Will you request a meeting with the Minister? ”
- Why should I request to meet with the minister? The minister would like to meet with me. He should want to meet with me to correct all his mistakes. On the day I made my decision in this process, when I said 'Friends will enter and we will take this place in the name of Istanbul', he came out with great motivation and made a statement from the press counselor, 'You cannot enter this'. So embarrassing. Why should I call Mr. Minister? We said, "We will enter too." Let's see if he had called and explained why we couldn't enter. He should have told. Therefore, I am the mayor of the 16 million elected people of IMM. Therefore, I will meet with everyone after this stage. I'll see you in between, of course; if he will correct his mistake.


Unuz You say I don't understand motivation. The ruling party held many events in Istanbul. Haliç Congress Center, Lütfü Kırdar etc. But these places passed to IMM. Can there be such a motivation to carry out activities on the Anatolian and European sides? What do you think?

  • The Republic of Turkey is not a state party, not the party municipalities in IMM. All of our venues, political parties' actions, events or demonstrations, all the places where the Republican People's Party is open to the Justice and Development Party, so open to the Party. Their period is over. That difference was in their time. Not now. We open them up wherever they want. If he's worried, don't worry.

ORUM I hope someone else has written this text ”

Mı Have you had a retrospective review? It was withdrawn from the municipality when it was in the tender situation and it gave up when there was a tender it could receive… ”

  • It is necessary to question it completely. Now, of course, this is a question mark. We have to look completely. We question many areas, but this is a separate paragraph. So now we will look at previous applications. You are right, your question is correct, we need to sit down and have a look. In previous applications, I wonder if IMM was not interested in some areas that should be in the public sector? Did he blink? Didn't he care and passed it to others? Look Ekrem İmamoğluI'm not talking about, I'm not talking about a friend. 16 million people feel those historical feelings of Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa… If you tell the world about it, they would laugh. Pity, sin. How do you make this a discussion? Who is it for God's sake? A person with a capital of 10 thousand liras, who was not even known to anyone until yesterday, who did not even have a website, that is, a person who makes fun of him while talking to television, is the most symbolic of the world, I do not say only for Istanbul, one is Haydarpaşa, one of them is Haydarpaşa, the migration of Anatolian people here and their meeting with history, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. , symbol of many moments. Sirkeci Station, you take Sirkeci, the symbol of the whole of Thrace, the symbol of his son Fatihan's immigration to Turkey and their homeland. either. Or such a simple matter. You say this is a national period, look at the simplicity you made at a time when we had to be so national, so much together. You owe the nation an apology. In advance, I say that I give the Minister many opportunities without going through this process to the higher authorities. I'm giving you the opportunity again. Go wrong. I hope someone else wrote this text. Sorry, come back. I hope you fix it before I take it to higher authorities. I think you, your own cabinet and many people in your party were embarrassed by your words. I feel it.

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