760 Freiburg Supported Fire in Germany

german freiburg
german freiburg

The threshold of the disaster was returned in Berlin, the capital of Germany. A fire broke out on the train, which included 760 Freiburg fans. 4 out of 3 people injured in the incident were treated at the hospital.

Kadar After the match that was played in Berlin with Berlin and lost to Freiburg's 2-0, the train dedicated exclusively for the guest team supporters got as many fans as 760. When the train arrived at Bellvue Station, there was a fire in the wagon for a technical reason. Upon flames rise at a time, passengers pull the emergency brake lever. Passengers on the train suffered great panic. Passengers covered their faces with their jackets and sweaters to avoid being affected by the smoke all around. Fire, state and federal police teams intervened in the fire. The helicopter also provided air support.

Approximately 200 people were deployed to extinguish the fire and take security measures in the vicinity. Four people were injured, three of them were hospitalized and one injured refused to go to the hospital. Residents were also warned not to open the doors and windows. The Freiburg supporter, accompanied by the police, walked to Berlin Main Station on foot. From here, he was taken to the railroad of the German Railways and sent to Freiburg. Initiated an investigation into the fire.



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