Kocaeli Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Climate Change Action Plan Ready

greenhouse gas inventory and climate change action plan
greenhouse gas inventory and climate change action plan

Toplantı Supporting Joint Efforts in the Field of Climate Change ”Kocaeli meeting, funded by the European Union and beneficiary of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, was held at the Hilton Hotel. 'Kocaeli Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Climate Change Action Plan' prepared by Metropolitan Municipality were shared with the public.


European Union within the framework of Turkey Financial Cooperation, Environment and conducted by the Ministry of Urbanism 'Supporting Climate Change Area Joint Effort Project' under the Istanbul Hilton Hotel in official institutions and civil society was held 3-day training program with the participation of organization representatives. Climate change was discussed in many issues at the meeting prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality 'Kocaeli Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Climate Change Action Plan' was discussed.


The project prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality against climate change, which is one of the biggest problems faced by humanity in 21 century “aims to make Kocaeli a model 'Climate Friendly' city which systematically struggles against climate change. Environmental Protection and Control Department Presidency Environmental Protection Branch Manager Mesut In the presentation made by the inventory, prepared at the scale of the city, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality within the jurisdiction of all emission sources were expressed.


In the presentation, it was stated that Kocaeli Greenhouse Gas Inventory, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, International Local Environmental Initiatives Council and World Resources Institute were prepared in accordance with the global protocol for Local Greenhouse Gas Emissions which was prepared in 2014 in year and widely used by local governments. Kocaeli climate change action plan and 6 action area in total 16 action and 54 action was created in the presentation stated that the preparation of an audit plan for the control of greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector was discussed.


In addition, during the monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions in the industrial sectors, the provision of control, the preparation of an effective audit program in facilities for the management of wastes and the conduct of audits took place in the subject. While conducting studies and inspections on greenhouse gas emissions from waste facilities is a chairman, the most important share in the total greenhouse gas emissions of the city stems from the transportation sector. For the emissions, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has already expanded its use of bicycles, an alternative fuel-powered public transportation fleet and light rail system studies.

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