Expectation of High Speed ​​Train of IMO Bursa Branch

imo bursa subenin fast train expectation
imo bursa subenin fast train expectation

Bursa's longing for the train does not seem to end in the short term.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turan stated yesterday that Bursa's longing will end only in 2023, but there is still no clear date for the infrastructure of the Yenişehir-Osmaneli connection and the Bursa-Osmaneli superstructure, signaling, electrification, telecommunication tender.

With vague expression, it is stated that "the tender will be held until the end of the year in line with the budget possibilities".

While reading this statement, Mehmet Albayrak, Head of Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers called.

He told our e-mail that İMO had sent the report of the Transportation Commission on the fate of the Bursa High Speed ​​Train project.

Though the name of the project is no longer a high-speed train.

The development of this Ahmet Emin Yılmaz in the corner had recently announced.

The name and status of Bursa's project turned into a high standard railroad.

The IMO report draws attention to this with the following lines;

“We have mentioned many times the importance of the high-speed train for our city. However, it was disappointing to change the Bursa-Bilecik (Osmaneli) High Speed ​​Railway Project, which was planned to pass through our city in the past days, from Bandırma-Bursa-Ayazma-Osmaneli to High Standard Railway due to cost reasons. Bursa cuts its own belly in every area from the stadium to the metro. Despite the added value it produces, it is a city that cannot get enough support from Ankara. "

These lines of the IMO Transport Commission are actually a message to the capital.

Frankly, they bring decision makers in the capital to say, "You're not giving credit to this city."

There is an emphasis on the kind of train, the report drew attention to Turkey's high-speed train network and its investments.

It is reminded that the foundation of the Bursa project was laid at the end of 2012.

The importance of going to Istanbul on Osmangazi Bridge instead of Osmaneli, where an opportunity was missed, is drawn as follows;

“I wish the word is not very popular in engineering, but as İMO Bursa Branch has been defending for a long time, 'I wish it could reach Istanbul by high speed train from Osmangazi Bridge'.

While it was not possible to achieve this, we learned that the system, which was considered as a high-speed train, was revised as a high standard railway. The reason for this is the difficulty of the topography and the cost. Bursa has the right to connect the delayed railway connection of Bursa to the high speed train standards and to the shorter line of Bandırma, Gemlik Port (sea connection). In this way, it will reach the sea at the shortest distance by the railway line in Eskişehir, except Bursa. I hope TCDD takes this proposal into consideration and completes the Bursa line, which has the chance to pay for itself both as freight and passenger, in a short time in high-speed train status. "

İMO wants NGOs and politicians in Bursa to take action with the following lines:

“As IMO Bursa Branch, we believe that our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's statement, 'No service will be left unfinished, no investment, no project, no work will be idle', and we believe that the projects initiated for Bursa will be completed as promised. We hope that both our politicians and non-governmental organizations will take action to prevent the city from losing its last ticket. "

You need to hand it over.

IMO Bursa Branch has shown sensitivity in this matter for a long time. (Olay- Ihsan Aydin)

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