ZONSİAD President Ece: 'Volkswagen Should Invest in Zonguldak'

zonsiad president ece volkswagen should invest in zonguldaka
zonsiad president ece volkswagen should invest in zonguldaka

The world's largest One of the car company based in Germany Volkswagen's new factory to prefer Turkey but has not yet made a statement on the inclusion in the newspaper information can not give a final decision in Zonguldak Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (ZONSİAD) Chairman Khalil Ibrahim ECA; Zonguldak stating that the advantage for the automotive manufacturing all kinds of investments, Volkswagen auto plant in Turkey to all our members and our province of Zonguldak done destekliyoruz.de

ECA said in a statement, Zonguldak for automotive investments that the city has the advantage of all kinds of investment, highlighting Turkey's Zonguldak, the first province of the republic of road, rail, sea and the port in addition to the region's airline network, energy facilities with Istanbul and Ankara in close proximity Stating that Zonguldak province is waiting for investors, Ece stated that they have made suggestions for investing in Zonguldak on every platform since its establishment as ZONSİAD, and that the Volkswagen automobile factory will be an important development in the development of the western Black Sea region and especially our Zonguldak province.

Reminding that they show Zonguldak as an alternative industrial city to the ever-growing Istanbul and gulf provinces, Ece will be of great importance for Volkswagen, which will have the automotive industry in Zonguldak, qualified suppliers and workforce to support this sector, and these features will also produce the car. Noting that the most advantageous city in the investment of the automobile factory is Zonguldak, Ece stated that it is an advantage for the production of the important iron and steel factories required for the automobile in our city.

Halil İbrahim Ece, Chairman of Zonsiad, said: "Zonguldak Volkswagen automobile factory aspires to production. Because, with its history, history, culture, knowledge and technology accumulation, being the first industrial capital of the republic, and organized industrial zones and industrial zones, it is the right city for automobile investment. Our automobile investors should visit our city and examine investment opportunities before deciding where to make this important investment, important for our investors and our country. kazanIt will be three.”

Germany's development point in the Zonguldak'l of our people in olmuştur.almanya nowadays too big support as in the past lives of our people in Zonguldak'l on 500.000 and direct flights from sahiptir.almanya an important workforce for the German economy voyages made in Turkey the only place is Çaycuma.

President continued as the ECA speech, Zonguldak, infrastructure, strong industry, trade, trained personnel infrastructure, seen from the logistical point of view is expressed as a province where all types of transportation facilities, "these advantages should do investors evaluate investment yapmasıdır.türkiye old Zonguldak, which is one of its well-established cities, is a city that is very suitable for investment in terms of location and logistics by roads, railways, airways and sea, with its location close to Ankara, Istanbul, coal, iron, steel, natural gas, thermal power plant. Although the advantages of Zonguldak remind investors to invest in our country, which should be done if the city of Volkswagen car factory investment is made, the issue of Turkey which we are ready to support the production of automobile factory, "he said.

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