Ministry of Transport to Receive 226 Million TL 'Metro Money' from Ankara BB

ministry of transport ankara bbden million TL subway money will
ministry of transport ankara bbden million TL subway money will

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, on the grounds of changing the rule of paying the cost of subway construction, announced that the ministry will be paid 2019 million pounds for the year 226. If the old practice remained in force, the municipality would pay around 35 million.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB), published today with the report, reimbursement of subway construction costs in the application claimed that injustice. According to the information in the report of the municipality; The costs of the subways, which were transferred from the municipality to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, are paid by the municipality to the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. After the subway was completed, the municipalities transferred this fee to the ministry in installments not exceeding 15 percent of the revenues of that metro.

With the amendment made in May 2019, it was decided that these costs should be collected from the municipality's 'general budget tax revenue' and not from the metro's revenue anymore. The ministry will now cover the cost of the metro by taking 5 as a percentage of municipalities' general budget tax revenue. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality report published today, this practice is contrary to the right and justice, he said. ABB, subway costs should be deducted from the revenue of that subway, the cost of 'general budget tax revenue' will make the municipalities difficult to cut the figures announced.

According to the report, ABB's general budget tax revenue represents 69 percent of all municipal revenue. It is argued that the general budget tax revenue of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in 2018 is 4 billion 191 million 619 thousand 836 pounds, this money is ABB's 69 percent of the total budget, and it is argued that the receipt of the subway cost from the municipalities still does not work.

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure made a statement on the allegations that the legislation would render the municipalities ineffective. With the new regulation, the subway revenues are left to the municipalities completely, the debt payment procedures are facilitated, the maturity of the debts is extended and the change contributes to local governments. kullan


In the ABB report, it was also claimed that the protocols signed between the Ministry and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality on 25 April 2011 within the scope of private law provisions were ignored. Ankara Metropolitan freedom of contract is blocked, contracts are changed unilaterally, kazanClaiming that the rights granted were ignored and harsh conditions that could not be accepted were imposed during the drafting of the protocol, he stated that an unlawful arrangement was made.


ABB, according to this decision will be released from the municipality's safe 2019'da 226 million pounds will be reported.

If the 2018 year subway cost payments were collected from the 15 percent of the metro revenue, ABB would have paid 34 million pounds. However, according to the implementation that came into effect at May 2019, ABB will pay this money by giving 5 percent of the general budget tax revenue. Thus, the money from ABB 2018'da 210 million pounds, 2019'da 226 million pounds will be. This fee is expected to be 2020 million pounds in 249 and 2021 million pounds in 274.

The statement, the application of the municipalities according to the burden of debt, unfairly entered into force was emphasized. The ABB report ended with the following sentences:

“Therefore, it is seen that 5% deduction does not have a defensive aspect, so that the central government has left all its obligations arising from public transportation to the municipalities, and it is clear that the responsibility of public transportation services is clearly desired. It is obvious that this practice will also negatively affect municipal services and municipalities will have difficulty in paying due to these unexpected developments.

There are innumerable benefits in the discontinuation of the 5 downtime application, which is considered to be defensible and impossible to maintain for reasons explained. M (Gazteduv is)


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