Eskişehir National High Speed ​​Train Set Production Effort Do not go to waste!

Eskişehir national high speed train set
Eskişehir national high speed train set

Ramazan Uysal, Chairman of the Railroad Trade Union Branch, said, önüne In front of the efforts to evaluate TÜLOMŞAŞ's facilities and capabilities, the transformation of the land rent into traffic rent with the pretext of solution has injured the hearts of all employees. ”

GOOD Party Provincial Chairman Mehmet Ektaş last week in a press release of the production of high-speed train set TÜLOMSAŞ'ın Organized Industrial Zone had proposed to move. And TULOMSAS 500 thousand square meters of new living areas, squares and cultural centers, he said. CHP Deputy Utku Çakırözer visited the Railroad Business Union yesterday and met with union representatives. Çakırözer said that during the visit, YHT sets should not be caused to waste much time to be produced in Eskişehir, that there were all the necessary conditions for manufacturing, that TÜLOMŞAŞ had a serious infrastructure and that some companies made production on Eskişehir rail systems.


Ramazan Uysal, the Chairman of the Railroad Trade Union Branch, said in his statement: ise If the idea of ​​our union is the energy we need to spend in production, you, me, they should turn into a matter or set up a new factory, the place organized industry? Hasan Bey Logistics Center? Alpu? While experiencing the contradictions we squeeze the bird into our feet. Every passing day has a great importance, this project can go to places such as Sakarya (BMC), Konya (TÜMOSAN), Afyon Dinar (Acarlar), Bursa organized industry members (BOSB). We cannot make our consciences accept the failure to claim. We can't tell future generations. In front of the efforts of TÜLOMŞAŞ to evaluate its facilities and capabilities, the transformation of the land into rent with the excuse of a solution to the traffic injured the hearts of all employees. Our personal expectations should not be prevented from the future of Eskişehir and future generations of this city. For TÜLOMŞAŞ, the moon should be born in the evening. Nasrettin urgana flour like the teacher should not be laid, ”he said.


Uysal continued: Ray There is a need in the rail systems sector with a wide range even if 3 plants are established. With the future process: ESO, ETO Rail Systems in cooperation with the additional factories to be made in this way will contribute to the sector. Because until the next period 2025 thousand light rail tram and Metro are needed. 700 YHT set of TCDD is needed 80 grain is needed immediately If TÜLOMSAŞ is called to be done, 15 is delivered monthly and it is requested to manufacture and deliver 3 set. The realization of the efforts of TÜLOMSAŞ ESO Rail Systems Cluster (RSC) in this sector as soon as possible will provide a stable continuity that will prevent a serious foreign exchange loss. ”

Source : Anadolu Newspaper

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