Adana's Mega Projects Presented to the World Bank and Iller Bank

the mega projects of the devotee were presented to the world bank and the iller bank
the mega projects of the devotee were presented to the world bank and the iller bank

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar and his team said: The “Mega Projects hazırlanan prepared within the framework of the Adana Vision sunul were presented to the World Bank and Iller Bank.

On the orders of Adana Metropolitan Mayor Zeydan Karalar, Deputy Secretary General Dr. The 67 project, which is planned to be made by Adana Metropolitan Municipality by the project team under the coordination of Ergül Halisçelik and which needs to be provided in whole or in part by international, regional or local fund transfer agencies, and submitted to the World Bank. It is planned that the European Union (EU), European Investment and Development Bank (EBRD), International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the United Nations (UN) will support the financing.

Mayor Zeydan Karalar's financing of mega projects to mobilize the high potential of Adana is expected to be evaluated within the scope of many projects and programs, especially the 500 Million € X Sustainable Cities Project an provided by the World Bank. Project; the cities in Turkey, environmental, economic, aims to support the sustainability of the increase in financial and social terms. Framework for Sustainable Cities, the most significant are the three dimensions of Turkey's cities (environmental, economic / financial and social) is taking over. The frame also includes; It identifies spatial, environmental and financial planning tools that form part of a comprehensive and integrated planning process that will drive cities across a sustainability spectrum from Planned City to Healthy City and ultimately Smart City.

The project consists of two components. Component A: “Municipal Investments tır will provide financing for municipal infrastructure investments with a demand-oriented approach. “Component B - Project Management” will finance the procurement and consultancy services for project management, monitoring and evaluation, access and communication activities.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar's “Brand City and 01 in All Areas. In the project portfolio that will realize Adana Dream, Smart Cities, Railway Transportation 2.Etap Project (Extension of Existing Rail Transportation System), Urban Tramway, Renewable Energy, Light Rail Systems, ÇUKUROVA-Rail, Urban Multi-Storey Car Parks, Access to Drinking Water, Solid Waste Management There are many short, medium and long term projects that will improve rural and urban development and contribute to regional development.

Projects with different budgets are planned to be fully or partially financed by international regional or local funding agencies and organizations with different tools and models such as loan, loan, grant, build-operate-transfer, income sharing.

Also; As a result of the cost-benefit analysis of the projects, which are financed with own funds, taking into account the current financial situation, the efforts to prioritize the use of resources economically, efficiently and effectively continue.

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