Highways and Intersections Under Maintenance in Kocaeli

kocaelide highway and intersections are overhauled
kocaelide highway and intersections are overhauled

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which gives importance to green and nature, does not neglect to maintain the greened areas. Within this scope, the Park Garden and Green Areas Department performs maintenance and zone cleaning at the intersections of D-100, D-130 highways and many other points within the borders of Kocaeli. Within the scope of the study, the shape of the weeds at the intersections, the collection of weeds and the cleaning of the zone are carried out by 750 personnel.

The teams of the Metropolitan Municipality carry out maintenance, repair and cleaning works in many places such as parks, gardens, and recreation areas, which are within their responsibility areas, and perform the same works at intersections at different points of the city. Especially during the months of April and September, the maintenance and cleaning of green areas in bridges and junctions, weed form, collection of herbs and environmental pollution are collected.

Between April and September, the Park Garden and Green Areas Department focuses on mowing, weeding and other maintenance of parks, gardens, promenade areas and other green areas. In addition to all these efforts, the teams carry out uninterrupted cleaning of junctions throughout the province every 10 once a day throughout the year. In addition, watering is performed at all junctions with an automatic irrigation system at night.

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