Large Move to Istanbul Airport Completed

cahit turhan
Photo: Ministry of Transport

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan's article titled "The Big Move to Istanbul Airport is Completed" was published in the May issue of Raillife magazine.


Last month, when all stages are completed it will be the largest airport in the world and Turkey will carry leading position in large transport aircraft to Istanbul Airport was completed. Now all the aviation operations carried out at Istanbul Ataturk Airport have been moved to Istanbul Airport. After the successfully completed transportation operations, travel operations at the Istanbul Airport started to be comfortably given.

Istanbul Airport and our citizens have not only comforted their journey. Both security increased and their ties to the world strengthened. Now Istanbul Airport, as well as Istanbul in Turkey; it will meet the needs of the region and bring Istanbul to its deserved position in the international airline market. Hatta Airport in Istanbul, Turkey, as well as a bridge that will allow you to gain a nature center. We will start to see the effects of this as of next year and therefore I would like to emphasize that Istanbul Airport will also affect the dynamics of global policy. Due to such conditions, as well as the private sector in our country and Istanbul Airport will be a huge impact in the area of ​​Turkey's foreign policy framework is clear.

Istanbul, as well as the Asian and African continents will meet the needs of the international airline market will meet the needs of the Istanbul and the airport will deserve the airport, as the time of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror in Istanbul "will exceed the age" will provide a city. That's why we give importance to this project.

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