tcdd iftari in tower restaurant
06 Ankara

TCDD Iftar at Kule Restaurant

TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun gave iftar at the historical Ankara Train Station Kule Restaurant after the ceremony to send off the Touristic Eastern Express to its first voyage. Held in the garden of Kule Restaurant [more…]

hot touch to the major arteries of the army
52 Army

Hot Touch Of The Army's Important Arteries

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which brought the city's important arteries to the comfort of asphalt with a warm touch, completed its work in Kacalı District of Persembe district. The President said that there will be the touch of the Metropolitan Municipality in all districts of Ordu. [more…]

the safe surc
54 Sakarya

Safe Driving in Sunflower Bike Valley

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues to welcome visitors to Sunflower Bicycle Valley. In the scope, third grade students of Karaman Primary School received training from Sunflower Bicycle Valley instructors on 'Safe Bicycle Use in Traffic'. [more…]