Road expansion works at the Keltepe ski resort
78 Karabuk

Road Expansion Work Continues at Keltepe Ski Center

Road widening works continue in Keltepe Ski Center by Karabük Special Provincial Administration Road and Transportation Services Directorate. Mehmet Uzun, Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration, examined the ongoing road widening works on site with the Director of Road and Transportation Services Özgür Bülbül and Mining Engineer Orhan Nallı. Making a short statement after the examinations, Secretary General Uzun; “ [more…]

Istanbul airport accident
34 Istanbul

Accident at Istanbul Airport

The wing of the Boeing 737 type aircraft named Sümela belonging to THY hit the mast during the taxi and the 8.45 Ankara flight was cancelled. THY's Boeing 08.45-(777) type airplane, which will make the Istanbul-Ankara Airport flight at 300:6 today at Istanbul Airport, crashed its wing into the mast before the F737 junction during the "taxi" before takeoff. The said accident, Boeing XNUMX type “heavy” type (heavy) type was delivered to THY. [more…]

omu campus tramway security claim
55 Samsun

OMU Campus Tramway Security Negligence Claim

It was claimed that very grave mistakes were made on the route of the existing on-campus tram line, which will be put into service in the coming weeks at Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU), and that the most basic railway principles, tram-vehicle-pedestrian safety were neglected. According to the news of Cemil Ciğerim from Cumhuriyet, a test drive of the tram was made on the OMÜ Campusiçi Rail System Line, the construction of which was completed by the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. Light rail system in Samsun in 2010 [more…]

goncali kaklik prefabricated vents between the walls of the wings made of the bidding results

Preperation of a Wing Wall to Prefabricated Grilles Between Gonçalı Kaklik

Construction of Wing Walls for Prefabricated Culverts Between Goncalı Kaklik Stations As a Result of the Tender, Goncalı Kaklik Stations with a limit value of 3 TL and an approximate cost of 2019 TL of the Turkish State Railways Administration 188473rd Region Purchasing and Stock Control Service Directorate (TCDD) 340.593,61/496.096,61 KIK number 20 companies submitted bids for the tender for the Construction of Wing Walls for Prefabricated Culverts [more…]

Manisa banding of the cuts on the surface of the grave with the coating of the tender result

Manisa-Bandırma Line of Steel Grid Covering the Fees Result of Tender

Manisa – Bandırma Line Km: Covering the cuts between 195+590 – 224+510 with Steel Grid As a result of the tender, the limit value of the Turkish State Railways Administration 3rd Region Purchasing and Stock Control Service Directorate (TCDD) 2019/188877 KIK number 798.090,47 TL and Manisa - Bandırma Line Km: 1.171.986,99+195 – 590+224 with an approximate cost of 510 TL. [more…]

protocol between highways and the map
06 Ankara

Protocol between General Directorate of Highways and Maps

The “Cooperation Protocol on the Production and Sharing of Geographical Data within the Scope of the Digitization of Highways Project” was signed between the General Directorate of Highways and the General Directorate of Maps of the Ministry of National Defense on 21 May 2019. The protocol at the signing ceremony held in the General Directorate of Maps; General Manager Abdulkadir URALOĞLU on behalf of the General Directorate of Highways and General Manager Brigadier General Osman ALP on behalf of the General Directorate of Maps. Each [more…]

the demolition of the hamza invincible massacre will be determined by popular vote
23 Elazig

Demolition of Hamza Yanilmaz-Katlu Junction

Elazig Mayor Şahin Şerifoğulları, who was not indifferent to the demands for the demolition of the upper part of the Hamza Yanılmaz Multi-Storey Junction, decided to hold a Public Vote on whether the upper part of the intersection should be demolished. In the written statement made by the Municipality of Elazig on the subject; “With the instruction of our Mayor, Şahin Şerifoğulları, regarding the demolition of the upper part of the Hamza Yanılmaz Multi-Storey Intersection, which was completed in 2018, Rüstempaşa and [more…]

maritime traffic with the new street
20 Denizli

New Street and Denizli Traffic is Refurbished

With the opening of Yeni Cadde, one of the new investments of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in the field of transportation, the traffic in the region was relieved. Citizens, who gave full marks to New Street, which saves time and fuel, made a comparison of "It became like Paris" for the region. Yeni Cadde region, which was put into service a while ago by the Metropolitan Municipality, which put the investments that will put the transportation problem into history in Denizli, one by one. [more…]

07 Antalya

5 Meter Snow Fight in May in Antalya

Summer and winter landscapes are experienced at the same time in Antalya. While there are summer scenes on the beaches, there is a fight against snow in the highlands. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is working hard to open the snow-covered roads of Gündoğmuş's Söbüçimen Plateau, which reaches 5 meters. While the beaches begin to fill up in Antalya, where the air temperature approaches 30 degrees, winter conditions and snow dominate in the Taurus Mountains. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]

baskan yavas signed by the new projects
06 Ankara

President Slowly Signed Environmental Projects

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş started to implement an environmentally friendly project for a greener and more oxygen-rich Capital. Mayor Yavaş, who wants the exemplary project that will encourage the use of natural resources to be prepared as soon as possible, said that a charging unit for electric vehicles should be established in the housing estates and rainstorm facilities as a condition of issuing an occupancy permit in Başkent [more…]

training in public transport
45 Manisa

Training for Public Transport Drivers in Muğla

MUTTAŞ, serving in Private Public Transport Vehicles (ÖTTA) and Municipal Buses under the control of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, started to organize training and seminar programs on "Anger Control and Stress Management, Coping with Difficult People, Institutional Culture Harmony and Customer Satisfaction" for taxi and shuttle drivers. . The first stage of the training and seminar activities given by expert academicians, May 4, Fethiye [more…]

pedestrian safety for pedestrians

'First Pedestrian' Application in Saruhanlı for the Safety of Pedestrians

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which has carried out various works in order to ensure pedestrian superiority in traffic and to increase the safety of life and property, has installed the 'Pedestrian First' icons in Saruhanlı. Within the scope of the work carried out, strips were drawn on various streets of Saruhanlı that determine the priority of pedestrians. Within the scope of the Pedestrian Priority Traffic Year announced by the Ministry of Interior for 2019 with the slogan 'Life is First, Pedestrian Priority' [more…]

kayseri will be exemplified by bulk tsima service
38 Kayseri

Kayseri will be a sample city with public transport service

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç attended the fast-breaking dinner given by the Chamber of Busmakers. Büyükkılıç came together with the public bus operators at the iftar given by the Chamber of Busmen Craftsmen and gave messages about transportation. Mayor Büyükkılıç stated that they will join hands with the bus owners to provide the highest quality public transportation service. Metropolitan Mayor Memduh Büyükkılıç, Busmen [more…]

kartepe and basiskele road maintenance and repair tender
41 Kocaeli

Kartepe and Başiskele Road Maintenance and Repair Tender

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented transportation projects one by one, does not neglect the maintenance and repair of the deteriorated and deformed roads. In this context, "Road Maintenance and Repair Work" tender was held for Kartepe and Başiskele districts. The approximate cost of the work, for which 12 companies submitted proposals, was determined as 4 million 816 thousand TL. The lowest bid in the tender is 3 million. [more…]

metris junction and side road works end
34 Istanbul

Metris Junction Connection and End Road Work Ended!

The TEM Highway-Metris Junction North-South Sideroad and Bridge Junction Construction, which is under construction by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, has come to an end. Within the scope of the works, the old pedestrian overpass will be removed and a new overpass will be installed in its place. During the works that will last for 11 days, traffic will be provided from one lane between 23.00-06.00. Work begins tonight. Formed in the direction of TEM Highway / Sultangazi and Habipler-Arnavutköy connection [more…]

dhl cinde drone launches cargo shipment
86 China

DHL Starts Cargo Shipment With Drone In China

The strategic partnership that DHL Express and EHang have started in China brings to life a major innovation in logistics. The drone delivery solution, which includes fully automatic loading and unloading, will increase efficiency and reduce costs with less energy consumption. In the coming period, it is aimed to further develop the solution at the door-to-door delivery point. With DHL Express, the world's leading international express freight service provider, [more…]

ankara is more of a scandal
06 Ankara

A Scandal in Ankara YHT Crash More!

In the train accident that cost the lives of 9 people in Ankara, scandals continue. It turned out that 5 days before the accident, there was a warning that there was a problem in changing the scissors manually. There are train accidents in Turkey, the authorities do not pay a price. After the train accident in Pamukova on September 15, 2004, in which 38 people died, the Minister of Transport, Binali Yıldırım, responded to the criticism that he should resign, “I am very [more…]

istanbul airport to international odul
34 Istanbul

International Award to Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport was deemed worthy of the 'Special Achievement Award' in the 'Outstanding Innovation' category at the Leisure Lifestyle awards of Global Traveler, one of the most prestigious publications of the tourism industry in the world. Turkey's new door to the world, Istanbul Airport, with global access based in the USA; Awarded by Global Traveler, a monthly travel magazine that reaches consumers who travel frequently, consume luxury, and experience premium travel and accommodation opportunities. 16 [more…]

Istanbul airport does not run out of shortcomings
34 Istanbul

Not Ending at Istanbul Airport

We talked to a staff member who was transferred from another airport to the problems at Istanbul Airport, where planes could not land due to the wind. Pointing out the risk of fire, the employee said that there are no paths called cat paths on the ceilings of the restaurants at the airport, and therefore the accumulated oil cannot be cleaned, and said, "The airport I came to was 30 years old, but it was working better than this." According to the news of Serkan Alan from the newspaper Wall; Your discussions [more…]