Attention to Metrobus Slingshot in Istanbul

Attention to the Metrobus Pervert in Istanbul: The 'metrobus pervert' that harassed people in public transport in Istanbul gathered a big reaction on the Internet.
The perverse, who has the opportunity to get a crowd on the metrobus and whose identity has not yet been identified, is disturbing those who use public transportation in Istanbul. The reactions of the metrobus pervert, which uses the nickname 'Şahin Fordçu' on Twitter, are growing like an avalanche.
The pervert, who has uploaded the photos he has taken by harassing people with close contact, makes disgusting expressions such as “A combination of pleasure and excitement” under the photos of his victims.
Social media users are waiting for help from the authorities to catch the pervert that calls for “those who want me to harass my mother, wife or herself in a crowded metrobus” message on Twitter page…

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